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Astronomy is considered the oldest natural science on this planet. In those ancient times astronomy and astrology were seen as one and their division happened just recently, in the past 200 years. There are also some archeological evidences that confront the known historical dogmas such as Warren Field calendar dated around 8000 BC as a form of a Mesolithic monument which contains 12 pits with the clear purpose to track lunar months.

How Astrology Works

Nebra Sky Disc found in Germany is a bronze disk with the beautiful golden parts showing Moon in its phases as well as Pleiades start cluster. The only problem related to historical point of view is that this disc is dated as almost 5000 years old.

How Astrology WorksHow Astrology Works

There are many more archeological artifacts pointing at the astronomical and astrological directions, significance of motion of the Moon, fixed stars and especially the Pleiades star cluster. But until now no one could answer the question why should cave men care so much about those celestial bodies, except in the case that another alien race had brought us this science… as it is mentioned in some ancient scripts.

How Astrology WorksThe main rule of astrology is Hermes’s principle “As above so below”, meaning that what is happening in the skies above us is shown on the surface of the Earth also. Everything in this universe reacts with each other and the motion of heavenly bodies creates certain frequencies which are influencing development of the whole life on this planet. This is called “the music of the spheres”.

How Astrology WorksWhen two planets interact in, lets say, negative way, or they form tense aspect together, something challenging will take place on the Earth’s surface. If someone is being born in that particular moment then this person’s natal chart will show this aspect and this will be something to consider throughout this person’s whole life. The same goes for positive aspects or their combinations.

Besides the mutual aspects planets make, astrology also considers planetary positions in astrological signs as well as the influence of the fixed stars. And on those foundations the whole concept of astrology was built.

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How Astrology Works

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