standard Humanity: a Curse, a Blessing or Both? 


The birds flap their wings across the sky as the sun begins to set; natures Magnus opus. The winds sing a beautiful song that the trees dance to. It is wonderful how so much beauty continues to strive in this world despite the ugliness in it.

Humanity is wicked, we harbor a lot of wanton attributes, love, lust, hate, greed, and most of all we have this bloodlust latent in us, we kill indiscriminately. Some of us exploit each other and we use words to kill others. Then some actually kill people for reasons that are just silly. From Genghis Khan and his large scale massacres. To Hitler and his killing of the Jews and others alike; to the terrorist attacks all over the world. We sell each other into forced labor; force them into the sex business. We Neglect their common rights to live on their own terms. Humanity is wicked – there is no disputing this fact.We are all religious fanatics and racists, in some kind of way. We deny ourselves basic rights, killing each others spirits for something as trivial as the color of someones skin, religion, and sexuality. Humans cut down 3.5 billion to 7 billion trees yearly. We release toxic gases into the atmosphere thereby causing global warming; we have polluted the paradise that was gifted to us. We’ve killed our mothers, we’ve killed Mother Nature and we continue to kill it still.

Humanity is a curse, we exploit ourselves; the poor grow poorer and the rich get richer. Only one percent of the population controls the world’s wealth. People are so poor they can’t afford meals for days and the sad truth is that there is enough wealth to go round. The guilty, live at the expense of the innocent. Again humanity is wicked, it is a curse, a spot on a rather clean slate. If there was any justice in this world we would all be wiped out leaving the universe to its once peaceful state.

It is true that humanity is wicked but we are capable of much more.

Humans are innovative; we have come a long way from living in caves and thinking of fire as the greatest invention, we have cars that drive themselves, we live in houses that get more beautiful and unique as the day goes by. We are capable of hate but we are also capable of a love with a magnitude greater than that of the latter. For instance; a mother’s love for her child is beautiful. Even after suffering nine months of unimaginable pain all the time wishing for the pain to end. But when the child is born, she loves the child unconditionally; even willing to lay down her life to protect that of the childs. We have passion so great; passion that fully consumes oneself, passion for one’s field of study, for ones loved one.

We are capable of hope, that stubborn attitude that doesn’t give up. The present may be bleak with blood and the life force of nature far spent and people’s wickedness still poison others. History has been repeated again and might still repeat itself. But we still have hope, that beautiful substance that lights all other virtue.

Humanity is a curse but we also have qualities that can be called a blessing, there might still be hope on the horizon.