Humanity Hates Change

In the town of the blind, a one eyed man is king.


Change is inevitable, it is a phenomenon that occurs on a daily basis; it happens every day, every hour and every second.  It is evident by the transformation of day to night and other transformations that are visible to the eye.

Humanity Hates Change

What is change ?

There are many layers to discuss when it comes to the topic of change. The ancient Greek philosophers had different views on this subject like they usually do on most things.

Heraclitus of Ephesus, a prominent philosopher was amongst the first to treat the topic of change. Heraclitus said THAT LIFE IS IN A CONSTANT STATE OF FLUX. He compared life to river with the saying that “you can’t step into a river twice”. The waters as a constitute of a river keeps on flowing and never remains the same at a spot. Heraclitus basically believed that nothing in this world remains the same.

Parmenides countered the Heraclitus school of thought. He believed the fact that EVERYTHING IS, AND NOTHING BECOMES. Meaning that you can’t make something out of nothing. Melissus and Zeno were followers of Parmenides, they later expanded their teacher’s theory. Melissus stated that the universe was “full and nothing could move.” While Zeno gave logical paradoxes that helped establish his argument

  • An arrow in flight remains at rest at each phase in its travel hence not really moving, hence disproving motion as a valid notion.
  • He also stated that to move from Point A to Point B, one would require to move an infinite number of steps which is impossible.

These were his refutations to the idea of change.

Change is subject to many controversies in the philosophical world  but it is illogical to deem change as a process that is not valid because change is real and indeed undeniable. Change is an inevitable thing and It is a cycle that keeps on going round, a wind that blows from all directions.

Change is going from landline to the mobile phone, from telegram to e-mail, from living in bungalows to skyscrapers.
Change is the process of altering the nature of something, making it different from what it would have been if it had been left alone.



There was a time when the idea that the earth was the centre of the universe was acknowledged as an irrefutable fact.

Nicolas Copernicus  published a piece about Heliocentrism, which sees the sun being placed at the center of the universe, with other planets orbiting around it. The idea of a heliocentric universe was met with outrage and defiance, with fellow astronomers and laymen alike challenging it.

It took nearly a century after Copernicus’s death before his model started gaining traction. These three scientists, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton, in the seventeenth century managed  to provide strong logical proofs to support a heliocentric universe. Newton and Kepler laid down mathematical foundation to explain the motions of the planets with extreme precision.

Galileo put together an amount of irrefutable evidence both supporting heliocentrism and challenging Aristotelian thinking. Galileo published a piece called  Sidereus Nuncius (Starry Messenger) which stated observations that he had made with a telescope. He had observed the Galilean moons of Jupiter and also the phases of Venus. These observations led to his support for Copernicus’s theory of a heliocentric universe.

Note that it took nearly a century for something which was true to be accepted as that by the people. Galileo’s ideologies were opposed by the catholic church, and it was  even declared heretical. His books and other books alike were banned, he was stopped from teaching or defending these heliocentric ideas.

Humanity Hates Change

The Roman Inquisition after he postulated that the tides were evidence for the motion of the earth, tried and found Galileo guilty of heresy, and was sentenced to indefinite imprisonment in the form of house arrest until his death in 1642.
Change is inevitable but that doesn’t mean people will accept it,  most times people ever hardly accept change. If their argument can’t change the course of things they just keep mum and despise the change silently. In this age of modern science filled with modern medicine that cure most diseases that was once considered incurable or was once considered as a curse from a higher being. People still die from diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and scarlet fever. People still die from these diseases not because they can’t afford the treatment but they see the treatments as worldly and not trusting in a higher power hence a sin.
There is also the case of racism, “gone are those days of slave trading” or “those days that someone of color was seen as someone of lesser worth.” But till this day some people still have that fear, anger and hatred for their fellow man because of the color of his skin. Most racists today don’t even know they are racist, some hide behind a mask refusing or unable to look beyond the color of one’s skin.
There is also the case of hating an individual because of their sexual orientation.

Humanity Hates Change

Everyone knows the earth is spherical, the earth was thought to be flat a while ago and many ancient cultures believed in the flatness of the earth. Aristotle provided proof of a spherical earth. Even today in the modern era drones have been sent, pictures have been captured  man has been to the moon, proofs have been given.  Still some people doubt or are still unwilling to believe it. They believe that the earth is flat, this idea has slowly been gaining traction of recent .
I started this piece with a saying “in a town of blind men, a one eyed man is king,” this is true on some accounts. But in reality  “in a town of blind men, a blind man is king.” 
Look at the case of racism and the hate crimes against people with different sexual orientation. Most of the victims of these cases are not met with love and open arms, instead they are met with snares, insults and other things that make them loose faith in themselves.
No matter how clumsy they might be, no how matter handicapped they might get. The blind men will never let a one eyed man become king because of one factor and one factor alone; HE IS DIFFERENT. 

When push comes to shove everyone is resistant to change because change is a deviation from the normal, a deviation from what we are used to. From certainty to the unknown. And no one, deep down really likes that.


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Humanity Hates Change

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