I Know Nothing About Human Nature

The truth is that I know nothing about human nature or anything for that matter. I wish I could say I knew everything about something or I know a little about everything which in turn would only amount to me not knowing anything. This might be a little confusing but I guess what I am trying to say is that I don’t know anything and neither do you. At least not about anything that really matters.

I Know Nothing About Human Nature

  • Who is to say what is good and what is bad?
  • What life really means?
  • Where do we go while we are sleep?
  • Why are we the way we are?
  • Who can divine what is truth and what is not?

This piece promises no insight but only contain questions and some thoughts to reflect on.

For every concept that exists there is an opposite. Think about it Peace has War, Success has Failure, Life has Death, and so on so forth. It is hard to understand these things in its entirety especially in the world we find ourselves today. It is quite unfortunate we need the opposite to make sense of the latter. Ask yourself, what is success if it is common? If nobody failed, success would be a meaningless term only having definition but no significance. If you observe closely you would notice that people tend to reflect more on life and appreciate it more when someone close has died, death reminds them of their own mortality and how quick they can cease to exist.

It is sad that failure has to exist for there to be a meaning to success, it is shame people have to fail at all. It is disheartening that we have to fight wars against each other to really understand and appreciate the concept of peace.

And above its a shame people go out of their way to make these things possible. The food chain, the food web, these are all ideas and charts that show how a stronger force or being has to prey on the weaker to survive. Most times it is a chart that depicts the relationship between producer and consumer.

I Know Nothing About Human Nature

In a darwinistic world such as this, humans make failure, wars, death a possibility more than it has to be. We do it every day from the moment we wake up most times we do it without meaning to but most times we do it with the very intent of putting someone down so we can rise up

A Brown Haired Man

A brown haired man wakes up tired in the morning, he gets himself ready then heads out. This brown haired man sits gently on the chair and he looks down the aisle to see people seated maintaining a posture similar to his. Heads high, legs crossed sitting in a manner that exudes confidence. He is sure they read it up from a magazine for job seekers just like he did.
You could mistake all of them for clones only thing different being their colors. They entered through the door as their names were called and also went out through the same door with a smile that doesnt reach their eyes.
He waits; every second wearing out his confident posture. It is like eternity when his name gets called, he walks through the door and answers all the questions thrown at him correctly.

We will get back to you the interviewer says, the brown haired man is an expert with these things, he knows he is never getting a call. He heads home and picks up the newspaper for more vacancy ads.
While another man looks in front of a mirror to check his smile, he knows he needs to only apply to get the job and the job indeed would be his. He enters the building as a man with brown hair passes him.

This brown haired man has been searching for a job for a while, every job he has applied for has been given to someone. He keeps on depleting his savings. The sad thing is that if and when he eventually gets a job he will be doing the same thing that was done to him.

We prey on each other to survive going as far to create chances for it to happen. From the practice of planned obsolescence to the digging of holes just to refill it, countless wars have been fought because of our desires to be greater than the other. Lives have been destroyed because others want to live comfortably. I often ask myself why we cant co-exist in the same space, at the same time. Not exploiting each other or plaguing each other with diseases so we can live with the cure. It is these things that have made me come to the conclusion that humanity is on a fixed path to collide with extinction, being the tool that tears itself apart.

I might be wrong though but why must there be suffering and why must there be one to create it. Think about this, Why is it that the fall of a great man often times means the rise of another – why can’t they occupy the same space at the same time?

I look at it this way, It’s a fixed fight humanity was not meant to be any better. We bank on each other sufferings. Creating one when there’s none. Most of the crisis have come about this way.
There must be suffering…

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I Know Nothing About Human Nature

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