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standard Is the truth a lie? 

socrates1 435x256 - Is the truth a lie? 

Nothing is absolute, nothing has a standard. The world we find ourselves is diverse, diverse in the truest meaning of the word. Many things today have different meanings, things like religion; sexuality, money etc. dont quite donate or mean what it meant several centuries before. Everything in this world is relative just like special relativity; it depends on the state of the observer.

The sophists were a group of ancient philosophers who lived by the ideology of skepticism. Skepticism can be described as an attitude that challenges or questions established facts or beliefs. The sophist school of idea was popular in the 5th century BC but later lost popularity and went on a decline. They believed skepticism was a good way to look at the world, this idea may have had its flaws but it is not without its merits.

Is the truth a lie? 

Not everything should be looked at with a skeptical eye because that would be stressful, and might turn out to be a depressing way to live. But most important things should be examined for flaws to determine the worth and the downside. Skepticism has aided to accomplish different things. For example, in science scientist are advised not to take things at face value but to experiment and verify its correctness and validity.

So this piece aims to look at the substance called the truth, as it is related to judgments, facts, and propositions.

The truth is a judgment, proposition or idea that is true or accepted as true. It should be noted that this definition states that it is an idea “accepted” as true.

Imagine these scenarios

Scenario 1:

A mob ties a man to a stake; they are ready to set him on fire. They wait awhile for the witnesses to retell their account of things, the story they tell is damning but the man who is about to be set on fire insists that he didnt do what is accused of doing.

Scenario 2:

A man and a woman steal money in separate places at separate times. They dont kill or maim anyone in their robbery; they are later caught and processed to court at separate times but with the same judge, and the same lawyer. Nothing changes apart from the defendant.

Scenario 3:

There are two rooms; Room A and Room B. In Room A there are two individuals in it and there is an object in Room B of unknown color. Just one individual is told to go and learn the color of the object and the object in question is red. The individual goes from Room A to Room B and comes back to Room A. He tells the person who he left behind that the color is black. Now, when both individuals are asked they both say the object is black.

Is the truth a lie? 

These scenarios might seem completely random but it should be known that the truth is nothing if not absolute and that is far from what we have today. Science like its predecessor philosophy has laws that guard some phenomenon. The process only occurs when it meets those conditions laid down for it. Philosophy itself has countless theories that mostly contradict each other. Religion also has many roots contradicting each other; they have “truths written in their holy books. Truths that are subject to multiple and infinite interpretations and still needs a connection to a divine being to be fully understood.

What we have today is a version of events that is preferable to the truth, a retelling of events with a greater accuracy when compared to other accounts. It is just like what the definition stated it is accepted as true

Just like scenario 1, the man didnt do what he was accused of. The witnesses were lying about what happened and the man was saying the truth. But the mob believed the account of the witnesses making their lies the truth they wanted to believe.

Lies do get a nasty reputation but the truth is just a perverted version of a lie with a higher accuracy of the retelling of the event, I believe lying is a gift a talent if I may say so. What else can you call a thing that gets you out of trouble and sets you free of reproach?

A saying that the truth might set you free might tug at you now. But criminals don’t get a lawyer to tell the truth at least not the one that gets them thrown into jail.

Lawyers, Rulers and people in authority keep using this tool twisting the facts to serve their purpose, making their own version of the truth to be able get convictions in court and get offices of authority.

Just like the second scenario. In the face of the law both man and woman are guilty of the same crime and the severity of their punishment should be the same. Now imagine if the man stole the money to buy alcohol and the woman stole so as to feed her hungry one year old child and buy provisions for her five months old baby. I believe the woman will get a more lenient judgment and the man will get the harsh one. In this case sentiment has reduced her punishment skewing what the judgment was meant to be

In scenario three; when asked the color of the object they both say it is black, but when one person is lying and the other is saying the truth or at least what he believes to be the truth.

So what is the truth actually? Does it really exist? Many things are wrong with the world of today, greed, drugs, but another is the diversity of truths. The sad thing is humanity was rigged to fail, standardizes the truth then the woman goes with a degree of punishment same with the man who might be even an ex-convict with a long sheet of wrong doings. So if you make all judgment the same, you stand the chance of losing your humanity. But when you skew justice because of sentiment, you make the truth a lie. It is just the world we find ourselves in.

Is the truth a lie? 

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