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standard Key Techniques to Read People with Accuracy

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Whether conscious or not, our body language expresses our feelings, attitudes, and motives through gestures that are often vague and frequently ignored. Reading people involves decoding non-verbal signals from others. When you learn the clues, reading people becomes easy. Below are key techniques that could help in reading people with accuracy.

Key Techniques to Read People with Accuracy

Listen to Your Intuition

This technique involves the use of your gut feeling and not listening to your head and logic. It goes beyond their body language and words. For this to work, you have to respect your gut feelings. They are the internal truth meter. It is also important to watch for intuitive empathy. This is when you can feel people’s emotions and physical symptoms in your body. For example, are you experiencing headache you didn’t have before meeting a particular person?

Watch Body Language Cues

Our spoken words account for a very small percentage of our communication. Most of the communication takes place through our body language and voice. The key to getting the right message is to stay relaxed and fluid. You should avoid getting overly analytical and be a keen observer. You should pay keen attention to one’s physical appearance, body posture, facial expression and body movements.

Key Techniques to Read People with Accuracy

Sense People’s Emotional Energy

Emotions are a startling expression of our energy. When around some people, you could have good feelings but while with others your energy is drained. There are several strategies to read people’s emotional energy.  For instance, when reading people, notice how their tone of voice affects you. When you look at their eyes, do you feel their sense of care, affection or anger? Emotional energy also flows through physical contact much like an electric current. When people hug or shake hands, it may send a message of warmth or anxiety.

People who read others well must train to read the invisible and make sense of the unsaid. Mastery of this skill fosters harmony and understanding in human interactions whether in relationships or business world.

Key Techniques to Read People with Accuracy

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