standard Lucifer: Light Bearer?



Lucifer, Samael (Prince of the World), Serpent (snake), Prince of Darkness, Father of Lies, God of This World, Dragon, Morning Star, Devil, Day Star, Beelzebub, King of Tyre, The Thief, Metatron, Angel of the Lord, etc. Any of these names sound familiar?

Of course they do, how could they not? Everyone knows or has heard about Lucifer before, he is an important part of the Bible. Before and after Lucifer’s fall from Heaven he had several names, all of them having a meaning, some were good and some bad. The name Lucifer is seen as evil or bad, but it actually means “Light Bearer”, he was created good, but his rebellion changed everything.


When Lucifer’s rebellion started, so did the war in Heaven. He lost the battle even with one-third of the angelic host. Archangel Michael defeated him, and Lucifer was cast down from Heaven to Earth and became known as “Satan” and “Devil”. It is believed that other fallen angels rule the Earth today, consistently fighting Holy angels of God.


There was a class of angels, known as Cheburim (Ezekiel 28:14) and it consisted of several spirits who had a great responsibility. Lucifer was one of those angels and his responsibility was to cover God’s throne. Before he turned himself into Devil he was responsible for supervising other angels (Isaiah 14:13, Revelation 12:3).


The moment Lucifer was cast down from Heaven he was no longer entitled to the name which described his nature. Lucifer was God’s favorite son and the first fallen angel, so why and how did he become a fallen angel?


Lucifer wanted the same power, honor and glory that God had. Becoming very impressed with his own intelligence, beauty, position, and power, he wanted even more than he already had, he started seeking what was God’s. Lucifer was the one that created sin in the universe. Without him, there would be no sin on Earth.





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Lucifer: Light Bearer?

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