Lunatic Of God’s Creation (Charles Manson) 1990

Deicide is an American death metal band formed in 1987 by brothers and guitarists Brian and Eric Hoffman and drummer Steve Asheim as “Carnage”, then hiring bassist/vocalist Glen Benton and becoming “Amon”. They would later change the band name to Deicide in 1989.

Album: “Deicide” (1990)

Definition of deicide

1:the act of killing a divine being or a symbolic substitute of such a being
2:the killer or destroyer of a god

Inspired by Charles Manson, their first title track on the album:

Lunatic Of God’s Creation (Charles Manson)


Servants of death, enchanter of pain
From the land of no return, you’ll kill again
Smear the blood on naked corpse

Lunatic of God’s creation
No resist
Hear the voices of devastation

There is darkness in his eyes
And you won’t see it, before you die
Feel the knife of the Lord Divine’s


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