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When Netflix decided to create the series Making of a Murderer they jumped on a trend for macabre twisted with gritty reality TV. Thinking this would be the perfect new addition (something they were right about) they set about interviewing and finding a criminal and getting inside their mind. What they didn’t count on was the fact that exposing a case like this to thousands of thirsty minds would pick apart the case that made the “murderer”.

Steven Avery has always proclaimed his innocence, and the story raised questions on his guilt and that of his alleged accomplice his nephew Brendan Dassey.

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Dassey was a learning disabled teenager when he was accused of murder, and his confession made under duress coupled with the encouragement of the Dassey family to keep him behind bars didn’t make things easier. His original attorney admitted to having favored the victim over his client. The show highlighted the fact that the confession, which was key evidence, was likely not even admissible because of Dassey’s mental health.

Misconduct of the Manitowoc County Department

Thanks to civil litigation against Avery the department was not supposed to be involved in the murder investigation yet there were plenty of instances where they were there, and many times right before key evidence was discovered. Even during interviews deputies mentioned being pressured to find specific evidence proving Avery’s guilt. The misconduct was part of what made the series both a triumph and a disaster – it exposed the miscarriage of justice and the tactics used by law enforcement which were not as faultless as one would hope but brought question on Avery’s guilt.

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While the show’s original intent was to get into the mindset of a killer, it ended up become a crusade to free a wronged man. On October 4th 2017 Avery’s appeal for a new trial was denied. While there was admitted to be some new evidence, thanks to public pressure, it was not deemed enough to overturn the sheer amount of original evidence. Not only did Making of a Murderer fail to get into a killers mind, it failed to exonerate a potentially innocent and wronged man, leaving viewers frustrated with the legal system and unsure what to expect in the next season.

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