standard Mars – Rage for Life


Mars is the planet which describes our courage, drive for life, and drive for sex, ambition, creation or destruction. It is also the symbol for blood, especially red blood cells and muscles in the body.

Mars – Rage for Life

When Mars is placed in Aries or in the first house of horoscope, it indicates possible injuries of the face, scars, stubborn character and hard to handle type of person.

In the second house or in the sign of Taurus, Mars tends to be lazy, although he can become excellent cook, lumberjack or a carpenter. He creates great expenses and at the same time, this Mars is strong, but very slow.

In the sign of Gemini or placed in the third house of horoscope, Mars is all about moving, fast cars, frequent changes of ideas, friends, businesses. He is exceptional martial art instructor here, but on the other side – he could be a street scum, if in negative aspects with other planets.

Cancer or the fourth house of horoscope is disastrous position for this fiery warrior, because there is no place for one heavily armed soldier in the kitchen and beside the baby. In this place Mars is very destructive, causes fires in the home, verbal and physical aggression.

In the sign of Leo or positioned in the fifth house of the chart Mars is the king who wants to show off leading his army on military parade. This is good position for actors or people involved in entertainment world.

Virgo or the sixth house of chart with Mars in it speaks about great mathematical or analytical mind. On the negative side person seems to be neat picky and prone to digestive problems.

In the sign of Libra or positioned in the seventh house, Mars is a shrewd businessman, someone who loves to take the leading role in the world of high society, but this position can also point into the direction of problematic kidneys or marital disputes.

Scorpio, or the eighth house, is the sign where Mars just loves to reside. This is all about strategy and planning how to win the war of politics or business, hard sexual drive, passion, revenge and sudden and acute diseases, as well as surgeries.

In the sign of Sagittarius or in the ninth hose of the chart Mars is skilled in sports, hunting and of course, traveling and researching everything from scientific matters all to the ancient forms of martial art.

Capricorn or the tenth house in horoscope with the planet Mars placed in it speaks volumes about determination, successful business related to real-estate, engineering or big industries. Mars is here the strongest with the great will to build his own kingdom.

Aquarius or the eleventh house of horoscope with Mars in it describes someone skilled in the world of new technologies, professions which are demanding exquisite and unusual type of thinking, beside bravery.

And lastly, Mars is not lost in the world of Pisces or in the twelfth house of the chart. If positioned well this planet is good for scientific research, sailors, astronauts, astrophysicists and so on. In negative terms this is the image of a strong enemy behind your back.


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Mars – Rage for Life

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