standard Mars – The Fiery One in Retrograde 

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By: Astrologer Kira

Planet Mars is not just the symbol for the younger male in our charts; this is much more than that. Mars is the fire, the action drive, the sexual desire, the strength, the red blood cells, stubbornness and courage. This planet represents everything we need to be or have to start moving and changing our lives. However, in approximately every two years this planet turns retrograde, as said in the terms of astrology, because this is just the apparent motion of this planet seen from our Earth. 


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In those two years period, Mars seems like going backwards for about two months. The culmination point happens when Mars makes the opposition with Sun and from that moment on the red planet gains the speed again and slowly prepares to become direct. In general terms, retrograde Mars period is not so auspicious, because nothing new should succeed or last longer. When Mercury goes retrograde, many things might go wrong, but even if you sign a contract or start a business, it will still show the results, although not so smoothly in some time frames. In the case of Mars retrograde, your desire could be powerful, but the outcome will have the highest chances to fail.

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Mars – The Fiery One in Retrograde

And the most important thing you should always have in mind is that if you start the court case when the Mars is retrograde you will lose it, no matter how right you are. The one who starts the war will lose the war, for sure. Have this always in mind and check the current motion of planets before you initiate something new in your life.

On the other side, when Mars goes backwards, this is the excellent time to finish your old tasks, to go back to “the scene of the crime”, to reread, rework, revision, rescale, redo. This is also great for getting rid of the old stuff, ideas or issues. Cleaning the inner and the outer space is the most appropriate action for this kind of Mars.

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And in the case of a romance or a friendship, retrograde Mars is the symbol for the man returning in your life. This is especially true for the younger men, and if something is unclear between you two, something is not finished, there is the smallest trace of the essence of love, the invisible power will make him to turn back and to reach for you again. Will this reunion work for a long run or not, this will depend upon other planetary transits and the matching of your charts.

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For the summer 2018, Mars will stay retrograde until 27th of August in the sign of Aquarius and Capricorn. We all will have to remind ourselves about the discipline and hard work, which are the characteristics of the planet Saturn, who rules those two signs.

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