standard Memorial tattoos – Good or bad idea?


The reasons for getting a tattoo are as unique and diverse as people who choose them. Some see their body as a canvas, covering themselves in dozens of tattoos until the work of art is completed. They can be expression of who you are, things you went through, people that left a trace on your life. That’s the idea behind memorial tattoos – using your skin as a tribute, as a way to honor someone who played important role on your journey.

Memorial tattoos and soul searchingMemorial tattoos – Good or bad idea?

Before deciding to immortalize a memory on your skin, it’s important to take a long, hard look at your past. Is this the person who stood by you through thick and thin?  The person who will always stand by you? The person you want to remember until the end of time? The answer to these questions isn’t always “Yes” and there is nothing wrong with that. People come and go, and those who seemed important at one point in time sometimes turn into strangers. If you don’t want stranger’s name tattooed on your wrist, make sure you really know someone before making this step. Make sure your time spent together is filled with memories you’ll always remember fondly, no matter what happens along the way. If it’s someone you’ve been dating for two weeks, they’re probably not worth it.

Memorial tattoos as a grieving toolMemorial tattoos – Good or bad idea?

Not everyone gets memorial tattoos as a way of saying “Look, our love is real” to the rest of the world. More often than not, we use them as a tool of dealing with our grief after losing someone we admired. For some people, this can be a crucial part of their grieving process. In addition to helping them express magnitude of their loss, it also allows them to carry the memory of a loved one everywhere they go. Whenever someone asks them if there’s a meaning behind their tattoo, they get to relive the moments they shared together.

In the end of the day, they’re just like any other tattoo… A tiny art piece that will stay with you forever. They all matter and mean something, but people are more prone to asking questions about your memorial tattoos. It’s not your obligation to give them explanations if you don’t want to. If you want to honor a loved one, but avoid prying eyes it’s always possible to pick a discrete spot and keep your ink a secret. Just make sure to carefully think things through so you could avoid “Winona Forever” type of situation.

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Memorial tattoos – Good or bad idea?

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