Mercury – Jack of All Trades

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Mercury is the planet of communication. He or she is the only planet who can change its sex and readjust to any situation going on around him… or her. This is the planet of great imitators, pretenders and actors, needed characteristics if you want to succeed in public or in business deals. This planet is also our ability for decision making and our operational memory. So let’s see how Mercury behaves in signs and houses.

Mercury – Jack of All Trades

Mercury in Aries or placed in the first house of horoscope is the sign of the fast thinker, most likely with the strong ego. But, at the same time, this points into the direction of stubbornness and big mistakes when it comes to decision making, and frankness can perceived as rude behavior.

Mercury in Taurus or placed in the second house shows that the person is generally slow when it comes to decisions, but the same person is very thorough or meticulous, yes, sometimes slow, but this person will finish any project which is on their mind.

Mercury in Gemini or in the third house is the clear sign of entrepreneurial spirit, someone who is capable to benefit in any situation, to use the flow in society, economics or politics. Great entertainers are seen with this position, although they can be also seen as a bit shallow.

Mercury in Cancer or placed in the fourth house shows the person who is communicative the most when it comes to matters of home, mother or taking care of others. Counselors or nurses with this placement always achieve better results than others.

Mercury in Leo or in the fifth house points toward the person who is excellent for acting or representing any sort or teaching to children. Playfulness with the increased sense of self-greatness or drama could lead someone to become world-wide known actor or animator, but at the negative side this can show a drama queen.

Mercury in Virgo or placed in the sixth house is the sign of a great healer, nutritionist, administrative worker, marketer or even writer. Negative trait of this placement is that the person can be nitpicky in work as well as words.

Mercury – Jack of All Trades

Mercury in Libra or in the seventh house is the sign of the respected public speaker, verbally skilled person or, in negative aspects, the sign of gossiper.

Mercury in Scorpio or placed in the eighth house is where things become very interesting. This can be the sign of a person who has to go through tremendous spiritual transformation. This is also the trait of clairvoyant or an energy healer, but on the negative side this could be someone who uses harsh words or initiates quarrels and fights.

Mercury in Sagittarius or placed in the ninth house is the sign of someone who uses “down to Earth” techniques for teachings. Great guru, but only when it comes to matters of economy or marketing. This person usually lacks of patience and thoroughness necessary for more “in depth” types of sciences. On the other side, this is someone who loves to travel.

Mercury in Capricorn or placed in the tenth house is the sign of someone who can be perceived as a slow thinker, but this is also someone who builds his/hers path to success through administrative tasks or legal matters.

Mercury in Aquarius or placed in eleventh house feels like the king of the mountain. This planet is the one who knows all about the latest trends, gadgets and of course gossips. This can be positive or negative and even both at the same time. However, in Aquarius any publicity is good publicity.

Mercury in Pisces or placed in the twelfth house is the sign of remarkable pharmacist or even poet, Maybe the person is not capable so much of expressing the feelings and thoughts through speech, but singing about them is really easy and so natural. On the negative side this could be someone who loves to plot against other people and this includes skilled thieves.

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Mercury – Jack of All Trades

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