Is Mythology real ? Is there truth based in Mythology?

Mythology is the study of sacred tales ongoing in various cultures and traditions. They are not just limited to study of these tales, but extends to interpreting their essence as well. Originating from a Greek word Mythos, it means stories for the people and of the people. The stories or “myths” as well call them sometimes are linked to human life, the perspectives of good and evil, origin of human life and other pursuits, cycle of death and life, even past life and afterlife. In most cases Mythology is all seen to incorporate Gods. All in all myths are values and beliefs that are held by a sect of people.


Myths are not just limited to one sect of people, but can range in all kinds of sects. People practicing Christianity have their own set of beliefs, while others practicing Islam or Hinduism have their own respective beliefs. However, are they all real? What truth entails these myths? Is there any truth in Mythology itself?

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Myth as an English term today is used in a sense of false notions and stories which are not really true. Yes, they are contrary to the definition some people hold true regarding them having moral values. The world is actually divided into different sects on the basis of these myths. However, some people have faith there is some fundamental truth that underlies in myths and mythology. The stories that make up our myths have some historic reality anchored to it. Yet, many modern scholars tend to reject these mythological stories claiming them to be modern day “myths”.


The advances world has seen today in terms of science and technology is the number one cause for this. Most scholars and scientists believe that the stories and the myths that prevails in a mythological story like the Bible or even the Bhagwat Geeta are far from being true. In fact, they claim them to be completely wrong and impossible. They believe one can just not move across the sky stopping the sun, like it is believed in the tales of Joshua. Of course this story had its own basis and key points, however scientists claim that such an act of stopping the sun means the planet earth could be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

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Thus, from the point of view of Science, almost all religious and mythological activities are notions of falsehood. However, what is not scientific is not exactly irrational. It is not always true that science can explain all unnatural activities around us. Science has not yet explored that black holes, or even time travel, who knows?

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There is a saying, where there is smoke, there is always going to be fire. Thus, almost over half the population on our planet believing in mythology is evident enough of a fact that there is some structure to mythology as well. Who really knows if concept of good and evil, heaven and hell, life, death and rebirth, or even God do actually exists! No matter how irrational it might sound, sometimes irrational things do exits. Mythology is not governed by what is prudent and rational. Rather it is real to the ones who believe in it.


Mythologies are representatives of the world and the broad sense the world holds. It is obeyance of the universal power and its ultimate will on all of us. It is based in the harmony we hold together, our unexplained alignment with others around us, or even alignment of our circumstances. It is not just authority of the universal power but its value. It is value of soul in some myths and value in power of God in others. However, whatever is important is always within us. It depends on the people when it comes to believing. Our warped sense of faith in mythology cannot hold it against the people who believe in it. All we need to do is introspect and think!


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