What you NEED to know about ANONYMOUS

Back in 2008 Anonymous got worldwide acclaim for hacking into the Church of Scientology. The group had been around for 5 years already, but it was the illegal activities that opened them up to world scrutiny. While many people admire the “freedom” the group promotes many of their activities are illegal.

Who are They?

Anonymous is a hacktivist collective. It’s an abstract group of people who follow ideas rather than a recognizable organization. One of the main beliefs of the program is that the members are anonymous, faceless, and indistinguishable masses. To be a member, you simply have to agree with them and “say” you are a member.

What you NEED to know about ANONYMOUSWhat Do They Want?

The group is against anything that oppresses freedom – laws, taxation, government, society etc. The way the group is structured is that it’s actually many groups together. This means that there are no real unifying ideas, and many members may disagree on one issue or another.

What you NEED to know about ANONYMOUSWhat They Do?

The group is known for it’s Internet and securities operations. The Stubenville Rape Case made the group most famous in 2013 when they exposed the cover up within the legal department. They use tech-savy methods to expose people who they believe are unjust and attack companies and organizations that are oppressive.

 What you NEED to know about ANONYMOUS

What is the Mask?

The V for Vendetta mask is their most recognizable symbol. It was first used in a protest in 2008 and has since become very popular among members. Since the main belief of Anonymous is to be anonymous the mask is important for hiding the identity of members to protect themselves from retaliation and ramifications.

What you NEED to know about ANONYMOUS

Their Victims

Originally, victims were picked for “lulz” or jokes to make fun of them. The Church of Scientology became their first well known victim because they attempted to stop the collective hosting a video making fun of them. Many victims are simply targets thanks to small groups within the collective. Anyone who opposes them is potentially a target.


n. Anon or ‘non‘ is an abbreviated form of the word ‘Anonymous’. Used to refer to a member or members of the internet-based free speech movement Amonymous.

Anons meet on internet message boards and networking sites to protest and plan pickets educating the public on violations of free speech and other human rights.

Anons are generally seen in masks, sunglassses, and/or other disguises protesting the practices of the Church of Scientology, due to the CoS policy of “Fair Game”.


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What you NEED to know about ANONYMOUS

What you NEED to know about ANONYMOUS

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