New Cult Books to Read

The very nature of cult books is that they’re a little bit obscure and maybe weren’t so popular when they were released. So how can you have a “new” cult book? These books, released for 2018, might be new now, but they’re not on Oprah’s book club! They’re going to be great cult classics in the future so why not read them ahead of that time? Cult classics are those that don’t speak to everyone. They require a “type” of reader and these books are definitely not your usual summer romance novels!

The Immortalists – Chloe Benjamin

If you knew exactly how long you had left to live what would you do with your life? Set in 1960’s New York City, a fortune teller with the ability to predict the exact time of anyone’s death makes an exciting target for 4 teenagers bent on mischief. What they hear about their destiny defines the next 5 decades of their lives. Considered to be one of the best books of 2018 it combines a lot of “what if” that many of us have wondered as we age with 4 children who reacted entirely differently to the knowledge they were given. It’s separated into each of their lives so rather 4 books in one if you will. A story about family, immortality, forbidden knowledge, and that ticking clock we all have which eventually stops.

Girls Burn Brighter – Shobha Rao

Girls Burn Brighter: A Novel by [Rao, Shobha]

Feminism is a hot topic these days and much of this book is based around the fact that often women have to work harder to get the same results. The book is about struggle, specifically many of the struggles that low income women from developing nations face. It’s a brutal look into a world that most of us can only imagine with a bond between women that goes so deep they will cross oceans to find each other. A true tale of friendship, pain, and endurance wrapped up in an eye-opening and at times horrifying book. Nothing is held back. Not for the faint of heart.

Circe – Madeline Miller

Circe by [Miller, Madeline]

If you haven’t yet read Song of Achilles do so. This sequel, based on the Greek gods and their drama, follows Circe the daughter of Helios. Her inability to blend in with the powers of the gods leaves her an outcast who turns to humans and discovers where her real powers lie – witchcraft. A threat to the Gods she is banished and becomes torn between two worlds which won’t have her and two worlds she’s connected to. A real page turner about intrigue and mythology. Circe is the sort of character who would make a great Cosplay that very few people would get but would deeply admire.

The Gunners – Rebecca Kaufman

The Gunners: A Novel by [Kauffman, Rebecca]

A style that is much like the cult classic St. Elmo’s Fire. It’s a satisying read about old friends and will remind you about your own experience with best friends growing up. The book is about friends who reunite back in their home town after the death of one of their childhood friends. It explores understanding love and the complicated sides of it outside of romanticism. It’s just like one of those 80s movies dedicated to a group of friends growing up which is why cult enthusiasts will love it.

Luis Alberto Urrea – The House of Broken Angels

The House of Broken Angels by [Urrea, Luis Alberto]

So technically, a Pulitzer winning author isn’t really cult material, but this gorgeous book is amusing, entertaining, and very relevant at a time when the US/Mexico border is so heavily in the news. A messy book about the celebration of life and family with a world context that sees the inhabitants as nothing but “immigrants”. It’s colorful, and wise. Written in the voice of the dying patriarch as he tries to untangle his family hopes that are so closely tied with many Mexican-American migrants. It’s a book that humanizes an experience that many news channels have dubbed a nuisance.



New Cult Books to Read

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