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The mind is the part of a person that makes it possible for them to be alert to the world and their experience, to be able to think and to feel, it is often referred to as the seat of consciousness and thought. Do minds exist? Where is it in the anatomy of man? What is the mind made of? What kinds of being are capable of having minds? These are few questions that are often asked when the mind body problem comes up. The mind is a delicate subject, Its even more tricky when the various conjectures and refutations surrounding it come into play; various philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Descartes to mention but a few have come up with theories concerning this problem. Science is of the view that the mind doesn’t exist, as it only deals with facts and physical evidence; things that can only be seen and touched. Some scientists insist that the functions attributed to the mind are carried out by the brain.

mind 300x276 - Pain and Fear I believe that both the brain and the soul exist and the mind is an invisible yet present bridge of some sorts that joins or connects both of them together. And I believe that the mind can only be found in us humans (just in case you were wanted to know my views).

br 300x224 - Pain and Fear The human body is wired with more than 100 billion nerve cells, connected with other parts of the body and the brain. The brain is one of the complex parts of a human being weighing only 3 pounds. The focus of this article is centered on pain (fear and pain to be exact), so it is only right you know how pain is felt. Simply put pain receptors transfer the stimulus caused by pain through specialized nerves to the spinal cord and is transmitted to the brain from there. I believe pain can also be registered in the mind, in the case of mental pain. Because I don’t think that type of pain can be registered on the Del scale.

neu 300x225 - Pain and Fear Fear is a distressing feeling of anticipated danger or impending threat of pain. Fear is stemmed from pain, from the pain we’ve felt in the past or an impending one. Pain itself can be physical which it often is, or it can be mental. These two things fear and pain go hand in hand; you cant have the one without having the other.

No one is new to feeling this duo. But we often times downplay them or exaggerate them. I’m sure you’ve read articles and writings that try to convince you that pain is all in the mind but then again no one sees a knife and a cuts himself except that individual is a masochist or is suicidal. Suicide is a complex topic on its own but that’s for another day. Forgive my digression.

We live and we grow through it. Pain, whether physical or mental isn’t a figment you can Zen your way out of. You feel it when you are cut, when something burns, when you are heart broken. It comes in various ways and has similar sensations.

hurt 300x247 - Pain and Fear Others may advise you to let go of your pain but they fail to realize the fact that “pain is strong”. Pain cant be shrug off or let go; it will leave when it has stayed to its satisfaction. Like the fault in our stars quote says,

Pain deserves to be felt

If there is a god on this earth I would say one of his gifts to us is fear and pain. Or if he doesn’t exist, I would then say evolution has left us with a remarkable trait.  Fear and pain keeps us alive, the fear of pain inspires us to find ways to escape the coming pain. With every pain comes a lesson, imagine a situation where you unknowingly stand on very hot coals, the only warning that would be given to you is by pain. Pain saves you from an otherwise damming situation.

fears 300x211 - Pain and Fear Pain whether physical or mental shouldn’t be overlooked it should be embraced, it should be looked at with careful eyes, careful and meticulous eyes that examines the source. Because the sooner you understand the cause, the sooner it can leave.

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No one should go seeking pain or demanding it, but one shouldn’t wallow in it or be distressed when he cant seem to let go. It is a process that cant be cheated, there are no shortcuts, and you cant be ahead of the curve when it comes to fear and pain. You can only take a step at a time.

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