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Yoga is an age old form of art that works on the principle of body-mind-soul unison. There are countless styles of Yoga today, but the benefits of yoga remain the same, irrespective of the style. While all of them offer all the benefits, only the degree to which each benefit is offered varies. Here are the top 10 physical benefits of yoga.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

10 Physical Benefits Yoga Offers

  1. Could enhance your flexibility and strength

Regular practice of yoga could improve your flexibility levels. The twists, forward bends, and backward bends forces your body to exceed its limits, thus strengthening the muscles and making them more flexible.

  1. Could lengthen and strengthen

Sitting for long durations cause spinal decompression, paving way to back and shoulder woes. Keeping the spine erect while practicing yoga could lengthen your spine longer and make it more supple. A longer, suppler spine is the key to a pain-free body.

  1. Could help to rectify postural issues

Regular practice of simple yoga poses like the Mountain Pose could restore the natural curvature of your spine. Once the spine restores its natural shapes, you will enjoy a healthier body.

  1. Could promote detoxification

The various twists cut the supply of blood to the abdomen and liver. When you release the twists, the blood flow resumes. This compression and restoration of blood flow could promote detoxification.

  1. Could help you sleep better

People who practice yoga regularly vouch for its sleep-inducing benefits. A gentle flow 30 minutes prior to bedtime could calm your body and mind. The calmer your body and mind is, the better the release of the snooze hormones will be. And, you will feel yourself drifting into a good night’s sleep with ease.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

  1. Could aid in weight and diabetes management

Yoga poses and breathing practices could lower the levels of cortisol. As the levels of this hormones starts lowering, the excess weight falls away. Similarly, body will showcase better insulin sensitivity, thereby aiding in diabetes management.

  1. Could gift you better digestion

Yoga texts suggest that regular yoga practice could enhance unobstructed blood flow to the digestive organs. The better the circulation is, the better your digestion will be. Many practitioners also suggest that yoga could ease digestive woes, including constipation and IBS.

  1. Could take care of your heart health

The yoga inversions could increase blood circulation to the brain, thereby calming your racing blood pressure. A stable blood pressure is known to thwart off the risk of develop cardiovascular health conditions.

  1. Could regulates your adrenal glands

Yoga poses and breathing techniques, especially the ones practiced under Kundalini yoga, could help to purify and nourish the adrenal glands.

  1. Could slow down aging

The various postures and cleansing Kriyas and breathing practices could trigger the expulsion of toxins and free radicals from the body. These limbs of yoga could also help to calm the mind by easing stress, thereby slowing down the adding process.

Have you ever experienced the physical benefits of yoga? Share your views with us.

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Physical Benefits of Yoga

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