Predict the Future with Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology is scarily accurate. Whether you believe in telling the future or not, you might find that this ancient method has a lot to say about who you are and what the future holds for you. The system is based on the 5 Pillars, 10 characters method. This uses the minute, hour, day, month and year to pinpoint the stars at the exact time of your birth as the five pillars that create the prediction. The five pillars are also synonymous with the five elements – water, wood, metal, fire and earth. This information is then coupled with the seasons. All the information is given numerical values which then add up to <360 and which show as a section in a circle divided into 360 individual pieces with the latitude and longitude of your birth.

Predict the Future with Chinese Astrology

The Five Pillars

The five pillars outlined above are the tree of your life. The minute is the seed, the hour is the fruit, the day is the flower, the month is the sprout, and the year is the root. You should easily be able to find this information on your own birth certificate (or you can ask your mom!). Most people are familiar with the Chinese animal years for their birth, and while this information is often used to tell parents about the personality their child might be born with it’s not generally used when creating an astrology chart. The five pillars section of the chart is broken down by year, day etc, and shows what part of each is the luckiest for the person or when they are unluckiest.

The five pillars/elements are then divided into what a person can expect during their lifetime. The first element is the stem. This reflects the person’s life as a whole. The second element is for the output that person will have – how productive or useful their life is. The third is for wealth – how wealthy they will be. The fourth is for power. The fifth is for resource. These will then relate to the 12 animals around the outside to determine whether that year will be lucky or not depending on which lunar animal it corresponds to.

Each pillar is also indicative of a part of that person’s life and how they will interact with it. The first pillar (year) represents their family, grandparents, childhood etc. The (month) second pillar represents business and parents (whether they will be difficult children). The third pillar (day) represents their inner self and what sort of person they are as well as whether they will marry. The hour or fourth pillar shows what their sex life will be like, partners, children, marriage etc. For example, if a person has their chart marked with a negative for a year of the ox then any corresponding ox year may be a bad time for them, while a positive for the snake will show a fortuitous year.

The Eight Luck Pillars

The chart itself is a circle with the person or self situated at the center,  and the five pillars on the inner ring followed by the eight luck pillars outside. These luck pillars denote the ages when the person will be luckiest and what their lucky element will be as well as when they will be unluckiest etc. These are considered auspicious times for marriages, pregnancies or times when there will be trouble in that person’s life. The five elements used within the luck pillars denote the position of the stars at that person’s birth and how they are ruled by the influences of those planets. The elements are used to show interaction  – how the year will interact with the person. There are 5 corresponding actions for each element – fueling, forming, containing, carrying, and feeding. These actions may either generate or overpower meaning they may be positive or negative interactions. The elements are assigned based on both the year the person is born and the current year when evaluating their chart. These elements are also given colors so that the person will know their lucky color, direction, and time for feng shui purposes.

Reading a Chart

This is only a simple interpretation of how a chart works. A professional reading will tell you everything from what part of your body is weakest (e.g if you’ll have heart disease), down to how many kids you’ll have and if any of them will die as infants (it’s THAT exact). There are many websites which will create a customized chart for you with just your birthday and birth location. With 360 different sections within each chart it can take a lot to understand everything that’s going on, but once you know what to look for you might find that it’s scarily accurate!

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Predict the Future with Chinese Astrology

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