standard Punk’s not dead – Best Modern Punk Bands


There’s a common joke among the older skinhead crowd that punk isn’t dead, it just goes to bed earlier. Aging skinhead’s aside, the younger generations are still carrying the punk banner. You can still find people with studded vests, patches, Doc boots, and a good Mohawk if you know where to look. This means that there’s also plenty of people who not only listen to the old classics of Black Flag, Rancid, and Agnostic Front, but that there’s people still making music to match.

Sheer Mag

According to Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine, these are one of the top 10 best of the 21st Century. They hail from Philadelphia and have a very strong influence from the likes of Thin Lizzy. It’s a little pop heavy for true Punk lovers but in true fashion they only release via indie on Bandcamp and in small batches rather than songs and albums.  These guys are so true to the punk spirit you’ll only find them in small dive bars, touring for the music when they could easily fill out a big stadium. Their best song is “Nobody’s Baby” and it will make you want to toss your hair like the best hair bands.

La Dispute

A poetic band, formed in 2006, they’re more hardcore and post emo. Their name is a nod to a French play from the 19th Century, and considering how wordy their music is it’s quite apt. The range that they have is impressive – coming between barked out statements to softly sung crooning. It’s a wonderful mix that embodies everything about the punk movement which is why they’re so good.   “Hudsonville, MI 1956,” is by far their best work, and it’s lyrical, explosive, and has that darkness that most modern pop-esque punk has lost.


Everyone knows the phrase Tacocat but fewer people have heard of the band. Formed in Seattle in 2007 these guys are rather obviously from California and their style has a certain bubblegum feeling to it. This girl band had a great drummer, and while they’re a little cliche as a girl band they’re still new-wave feminist. “Crimson Wave” is their current best, a song about periods and vicodin which will make most women smile and sing. However, it’s also got lyrics about swimming with sharks to make the most tongue-in-cheek lyrics of modern punk.


Girls Living Outside Society’s Shit is a forceful, hardcore, group that is the epitome of “anti-social” lyricists. They’re all about anti-labeling, being different, and letting your freak flag fly. This trans punk band is unique, they’ve got the soul of the girl bands, the vocals of the boy bands, and there is something special about the niche they’ve made for themselves with today’s young punk crowd. Their sound is transformative and a rallying cry for diversity. “Outcast Stomp” is everything you want it to be – inclusive, punchy, and as lyrical as anything Sadie Switchblade ever produced. This is true punk, the stuff that the older generation that started everything can get behind. Sadly, they’ve already broken up, but there’s hope that there might be a reconciliation sometime.