standard Quintesential Metal Fashion: The Metal Head

Yeah, we know the Style has come back. We’ve seen a lot of teeny boppers sporting the look of Punk, Rock and Heavy Metal Styles.

If you’re really looking to transform yourself from looking preppy to a cool ass Rocker, you gotta follow the Pro’s. The Trendsetters who set Trends without ever trying. They were just being themselves. Playing in their Bands, booking gigs and watching the Groupies follow along and do the same. Start their own Bands. set their own Style.

One Tradition remains the same. Be comfortable with that edge.

The Dirtbag look. A skull cap, flannel shirt, printed tshirt, jeans and combat boots. Just rolled out of bed. Im late!

Casual but Cool. A statement shirt and jeans. Messed up hair (not done) is a must. Tip: Be prepared to get asked about your shirt. “Oh, did you go to that concert?” “
Oh, you like them too?” If you say – “No, I just like the Look”, be prepared to be called a POSER! or POSER BAIT!

The Look comes Natural: When you like the group or the funny saying, the look becomes your voice. Naturally. Organic. You can express yourself with patches, buttons or fringe.

Dress it Up: If you’re going to a Concert or someplace special , add a leather jacket, hip belts (no loops), boot belt or boot bracelets, sunglasses and don’t forget a cross necklace, piercings or tattoo’s to round out that badass look.



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