Religion: Is it Necessary? 

There should be no discrimination against languages people speak, skin color, or religion. 

-Malala Yousafzai

Religion brings to man an inner strength, spiritual light, and ineffable peace.

-Alexis Carrel

These are all beautiful sentiments about religion, I can only guess this was what religion was meant to do for man. But it doesn’t quite work that way, not all the time at least.

Since the inception of time man has always looked up for a Savior. Where this urge comes from remains unknown. Religion has always been a constant in human development from the cavemen, to ancient Egyptians, to the ancient Greeks. They all meddled with religion. Religion mean many things to many people, they all have different rites and beliefs but often times share a similarity of having a central figure, a god or gods who are divine in their own right and have transcended mortality.

Religion: Is it Necessary? Every creed or religion claims to have this supreme being who has unlimited knowledge and power over anything and everything, power so immense it could level our plane of existence. It is rooted in strong conviction that the god they serve is more powerful than the rest.

Religion, like Malala Yousafzai insinuated, should bring people together. But since a fundamental part of religion and its practice is finding a “true god” and sticking with him, it hardly ever has the tolerance to see a god inferior to its own been served by other people. Irony being that some of this so called gods like Edgar Allan Poe said:

“All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry”

Some of these gods are just figments, existing only in the imaginary spaces between reality.

Religion: Is it Necessary? Yet most people don’t know this fact or do not care enough. They insist still that their god is stronger and more powerful than the rest, and that their religion is more righteous. Hence an argument ensues. A back and forth, never ending argument that started many years ago. This argument has been fueled by word of mouth lacking actual proof that a deity is stronger or a cause is more righteous than the rest, or to simply prove the existence of their god beyond a reasonable doubt. This argument tends to escalate into an affair that inspires division among people and from that division, hate and from hate comes fear which eventually results into violence and something gore, like meaningless killings we hear about on the news on radio and gruesome pictures on the television.

Religion: Is it Necessary? Now I am not saying religion is all bad, it is true that some religions pride themselves on love and caring. Religion, ideally should bring people together and foster goodwill, often times the reverse is the case. When you have petty squabbles and sometimes intense altercations between members of the same religion, if this can happen with people who believe the same doctrine and practice the same religion. What hope is there when people find themselves on opposite sides practicing different religions?

Religion: Is it Necessary? So I guess the real question here is. Is religion really necessary? Is there a supreme being out there that gets joy from the ever growing divide between “believers” and the remaining population? These are questions that can never be fully answered to ones satisfaction. Owning to the fact that the answers which are given are just based on numerous conjectures and also equally numerous refutations.

I would actually like to believe in religion, I would like to believe in a higher power. But history has not encouraged me in this aspect. The most gruesome and bloodiest wars in history have all been religious wars, or stemmed from something related to it.

Religion: Is it Necessary? 

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