Saturn in Capricorn: What this means for You 2019

Starting from the late December of this year the giant planet Saturn, which symbolizes obstacles, loses and karmic issues, will enter into its own sign – Capricorn (in the terms of western or tropical astrology). For the next two and half years the movement of this planet will mark the new phase for all, bringing us restructuring, destructions and reconstructions, particularly regarding banking systems, national economies, high political games, power battles and even some natural catastrophes, which will most likely start to happen during 2019, related to coming eclipses.

In the Vedic or sidereal astrology Saturn already entered into the sign of Sagittarius by the late October and it will stay in this sign for the next approximately two and half years. During his transit through this sign Saturn will first visit so called Moola nakshtra. This is the zone in the sky which symbolizes our connection to the roots and we will all have to deal with our deep rooted issues, as well as our family of origin, religion of origin or simply our national tradition. Saturn will then move to the Purva Ashadha nakshtra and in this time frame we can expect sudden political changes, rebellions or revolutions.

By the late 2019. when Saturn enters into the Uttara Ashadha nakshatra global political situation will look quite differently, wars will be over; however, the loses will be significant.

The brighter side of this important celestial transit will bring us innovations when it comes to mining, constructions, engineering technologies in general and especially organic farming. We will also witness some spectacular breakthroughs related to quantum medicine, physics and mathematics.

Having in mind the coming eclipses which will have great influence, because they will be related to the planet Saturn directly, the most impacted parts of this planet will be Arabia, south of India, the whole south-east Asia and the middle region of South America.

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