Sea of Illusion – Venus with Neptune

Lies, cheating, self-deception and frauds.

Venus square Neptune

There is nothing real with the illusion… except the fact that it exists.

And there is really nothing you can do to fight it, because you can’t fight the fog, the water or the clouds.

How can you fight chemicals with swords or words?

The only chemistry that penetrates this power is chemistry itself… of the mind or the dreams.

Because he loved you. He loved you with all of his heart and although you just met him, you could clearly sense that this is your soul mate.

His eyes… his electric eyes and his mesmerizing words.

And you could feel it; you knew it deep down in your soul.

Sea of Illusion – Venus with Neptune

Later on you found out some small truths about his substance abuse and minor things about addictions and few dates later he told you that he is married, but he is very miserable when it comes to this union. He suffered a lot, but he can’t break everything down, not now, because of children, assets, and his childhood full of hardships… But soon, he will be free soon. He will make you his queen.

You will rule the wide spaces of love and devotion.

And you will fly together through the clouds toward the hypnotic Moon light.

You had your night of love.

Beautiful, soft, sensual, deep and devoted love.

And then he disappeared.

You’ve waited for him to come back, as promised. To call, to give you a hint. You’ve waited for so long, too long, restless and afraid. What if something had happened to him? Is he all right? Is he alive?

And in those moments of despair madam appeared as your savior, as your guide.

This room full of crystals, scented candles, soft curtains, sacred pendants and one psychic cat in the corner gave you comfort and peace you were searching for.

Sea of Illusion – Venus with Neptune

Nine of swards, king of pentacles, two of cups, tarot cards were showing their faces upon you. Spoken words filled the emptiness of your hope and you knew that it is the matter of time, that divine time is delayed, that souls always find each other, and that you will find your destiny in the end.

So you returned to your home to wait a little bit, just a little bit more, before he finally reaches back to you and brings the sunshine into your days again.

By the middle of December planet Venus will be in square aspect with the planet Neptune.

Dreams are beautiful, but the liar is the liar and this aspect speaks volumes about lies, cheating, self-deception and frauds.

Be careful and save your dreams for the better days and better people.

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Sea of Illusion – Venus with Neptune

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