Spectrophobia: The Fear of Mirrors

Looking into a mirror to see our own reflection is a thing that we do every day. It is so important for all of us to see how we look. But this refers to those who don’t suffer from spectrophobia.

It is the fear of mirrors and of the images reflected within them. This phobia may also include an extreme fear of ghosts and spirits. There are many situations in which a spectrophobic person may have a panic attack or experience severe symptoms of anxiety. For example spending time in a dark room, hearing loud or unexpected noises, catching their own reflection in a mirror, looking at somebody else in a mirror. For those who are afraid of the mirror itself, it’s possible that the fear is related to a fear of bad luck if they break the mirror.

Spectrophobia: The Fear of MirrorsThe life of a person who has disorder is actually very difficult. At your home you can hide all the mirrors, cover all the windows and stay away from reflective surfaces, but outside you can’t completely avoid them as you have no control over what’s going on around you.

Something that happened to you at some point in your life may cause this disorder. The most common symptoms are extreme anxiety and panic attacks. Panic symptoms include trouble breathing, racing or irregular heartbeat, dry mouth, shortness of breath, shaking or anything related to panic.

Spectrophobia: The Fear of Mirrors

Of course, spectrophobia can never be called imaginary or silly. That fear is real and it causes lots of difficulty. The main treatment plan is therapy. You may be put on some medication that will help you to treat some symptoms of the phobia and may help you to overcome some of these intense feelings. It can also include exposure therapy. In exposure therapy, the person is exposed to their phobia in a controlled and safe environment.

There are many types of phobias in the world and you are never safe for having one.

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Spectrophobia: The Fear of Mirrors

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