standard Spirituality – The new Secret Sin?


Before the 1960s, the human race has always had a religious seed in them about good and evil, what was the right thing to do and what was wrong. Some people worked hard being on the side of right while others stayed on the side of evil.

Spirituality – The new Secret Sin?

That has changed lately to the point that those who believe in religion are being shunned and being forced to hide those beliefs with atheist claiming the ideas are stupid, and only fools would believe them.

I, myself, am religious and can attest to the way people approach the subject now. It is seen as an exciting idea of days long gone by. It does not matter if people never disproved the existence of a deity nor that religion still holds an essential part of our lives.

I know that my belief has helped me through some dark times and a quick search of the internet will show others have shared the same thing. There are stories of miracles and how their faith held them together in times where anyone else would have crumbled.

How many of us go from day to day with a secret belief that we do not feel comfortable to share with our friends or family. How many people have experienced the scorn or ridicule because you believe in a directing power above?

Spirituality in any form has become the newest addition to the things we do not talk about nor do we admit that we do or practice. I feel that is sad and detrimental to our society.Spirituality – The new Secret Sin?

But let’s face reality here. Even though we experience these things, it does not phase us nor does it make us want to turn away from what we believe. Our faith is much more than just believing in something. It’s internalizing codes and tenants that tell us how to lead our lives, and that is something that is not easily shaken.

So, do not quit no matter what anyone is telling you and hold on to your belief like I know you will. It might be a sin now to believe in a world of sarcastic non-believers, but in the end, their opinion does not matter.

Spirituality – The new Secret Sin?

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