mythsofgod - Superhero's Owe their Origins to Myths of God

standard Superhero’s Owe their Origins to Myths of God

mythsofgod - Superhero's Owe their Origins to Myths of God

Nowadays, our comic book superheroes are dominating the cinema. But, why are we so drawn to these masked do-gooders stories?

In fact, the comic book tales are not new, they have their origins since ancient times.

Every superhero has their stories that existed millennia before their own cultural descendants. Nevertheless, the question remains. Where does all the culture and fandom of the superhero come from?

It’s undeniably related to the appreciation we have to the myths and heroic action of the superhero we adore. In the world of superheroes, anything can happen. We can see mutants, super-human and even god living among us.

These heroes will either act as a protagonist of fighting crime for the society or act as a villain and follow the path of darkness. Here you will find briefly about superheroes whom we literally do not talk much and their stories are amazing.


Superhero's Owe their Origins to Myths of God

Known as the God of Mischief and the Trickster, Loki is the son of the amazing Frost Giant Laufey, the King of Jotunheim. Following a battle in the Kingdom, Thor found Loki abandoned and rescued him when he was still a baby. Thor adopted him as his brother. Despite this act of mercy, Loki could not live with his brother; on the contrary, he chooses the path of crime. He was an antagonist not only to Thor but to the whole team of the Avengers for decades.


Superhero's Owe their Origins to Myths of God

A demigod, Hercules is a figure of the Greek and Roman myth. His story goes far beyond the Marvel comics. According to the Greek myth, Hercules is the son of the God Zeus and the human Alcmene. That is why he is known as a demigod. His legacy is one of the greatest tales of ancient myth and ruler of the Olympian Pantheon. Hercules was seen in the Marvel world as a noticeable and energetic member of the Avengers. In addition, his stories have been adapted and retold in many forms for centuries.

Mister Miracle

Superhero's Owe their Origins to Myths of God

This character is the creation of Jack Kirby. Mister Miracle forms part of the Fourth World epic cosmic saga. One of the new God and the son of the ruler of New Genesis, the Highfather. To end the war between the two worlds of the celestial realm, Highfather, and Darkseid, who is the ruler of Apokolips exchange and raised each other heir. This was a pact in order to maintain peace in their world. Mister Miracle traveled to the planet Earth with her beloved Big Barda. There he took the identity of Scott Free as an escape artist. He was part of the Justice League.


Superhero's Owe their Origins to Myths of God

Having his story derived from the ancient myth, Ares is known as the God of War. He is considered to be one of the twelve Olympians in the Greek Pantheon but he was never accepted by the Greeks. Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera. In addition, he was the villain in both the Marvel and DC Comics world. He fought against Thor and Hercules in the Marvel comics. As for DC Comics, he is was the antihero to Wonder Woman.

Human beings have always been a fan of superheroes. No matter to what subculture they belong to, the heroes impose order to a world in chaos. We enjoy the culture and fandom of the superheroes even if they are filled with nefarious powers.

How many others can you Identify? Who are your Favorites?

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Superhero's Owe their Origins to Myths of God

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