standard Will Smith’s Genie In The Live Action Aladdin Is Not The Movie’s Biggest Problem

The Disney live-action remake trend continues with one of the greatest animated classics, Aladdin. The first look images the movie showcase a problem that’s somehow worse than the Genie. Disney has been on a trend of remaking their animated classics […]


standard The Night Stalker: An Untold Truth


It could be said that I got a phone call from Satan on a sunny Easter Sunday in 2013. I was cleaning out the car when my cell phone rang. I recognized the prison number but not the voice on […]

standard Why is Lust Sinful?

Animal passion. If such a thing is natural then how can it be wrong? Society has told us that having sexual thoughts is perverse, against nature, but when part of our DNA’s natural method forces us to reproduce as part […]

standard Is Mythology real ? Is there truth based in Mythology?

Mythology is the study of sacred tales ongoing in various cultures and traditions. They are not just limited to study of these tales, but extends to interpreting their essence as well. Originating from a Greek word Mythos, it means stories […]

standard An Afterlife: Heaven and Hell? 

The afterlife is the belief in the continual existence of an individuals consciousness after the physical body dies or ceases to exist. The intricate part that continues to exist outside the body is sometimes referred to as a soul. Philosophers […]


standard American Witchcraft: What You Don’t Know


What You Didn’t Know About Witches What if I told you witches were real and you have probably encountered more than a few in your lifetime? It is true. Witches are a real thing in America and their ranks are […]

standard What do Satanists Believe?

Satanist beliefs, like any religion, center around a simple core of how to behave to the world around them. Most Satanists do not “worship the devil” in the traditional sense. In fact, they don’t worship “the devil” at all. There […]