hopi - Just What the Fate is Fate?

Just What the Fate is Fate?

Fate, divine justice, karma, whichever higher power you prefer, the idea of unknown forces dictating our lives walks that fine line between terrifying and fascinating. No one really understands fate, but there are those who live and die by the idea of it. And counterarguments against fate only … Continue reading
straw - Why is Sex a Sin? Really now...

Why is Sex a Sin? Really now…

Sin is fun isn't it? It's forbidden which makes it interesting. The thing is, sin, by definition is religious and the fact that most religions disagree on it is not only interesting but comical. Did you know that even sects within different religions can't agree on whether or not sex is … Continue reading
Anime Angel Of Death Wallpaper 8 - Who is the Angel of Death?

Who is the Angel of Death?

Death is life's big mystery, it's the big adventure, the abyss, the unknown, the void. We still don't really know a lot about death which is why we're so obsessed with it. In Victorian times life practically revolved around death and mortality. In Abrahamic religions, like Judaism, Azrael is … Continue reading