01greek - The Golden Touch of King Midas

The Golden Touch of King Midas

Have you ever heard about King Midas? The legendary king used to turn everything he touched to gold? Midas was a great king who ruled Phrygia in Asia Minor. He lived a luxurious life and had everything he could wish for which he shared on with his beautiful daughter. Despite being extremely … Continue reading

3 Most Ruthless Cult Leaders in History

Cults have a certain fascination for people. These closed, secretive and often dangerous groups can be involved in any number of wicked or depraved activities. Everyone has heard of Manson, the most famous cult leader of all. A cult is nothing more than a fanatical group dedicated to a single … Continue reading

Greed and Aspiration

There is nothing impossible to him who will try. -Alexander the great WHAT IS GREED? Greed has always been an innate characteristic of man. It might be argued that greed destroys. One look at Alexandria the great and The Roman Empire may satisfy your curiosity about this sentiment. I would … Continue reading