mome - Memento Mori - the Cult of Death

Memento Mori – the Cult of Death

Ever since before time started people have been fascinated with death. Death comes to us all, it's inevitable, yet asides from the physical aspect of the body's inevitable decay we know very little about it. There are many cultures that revere death and even worship it. Death is a strong cult … Continue reading
clt - 5 Cult Books You've NEVER heard of

5 Cult Books You’ve NEVER heard of

Cult books tend to be pretty obscure. While there's a few “big name” cult books that have made it into movies many cult books are decades old. Authors like Sax Rohmer and Herman Hesse wrote their works almost 100 years ago. Obscure cult books have a cult following of their own, the weirder the … Continue reading

About Us

We are All Things Classic Cult. A Cult is a Social Group with whom shares the same common obscure interests. Non-religious but more philosophical, spiritual or new age. A cult following is a group of fans who are highly dedicated to a work of culture. A film, book, musical artist, television … Continue reading