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What is astrology?

Astrology is the metaphysical science that describes your cosmic blueprint in heart, mind, body, and spirit, in order for you to have a have a roadmap along your path in this UNIVERSITY.

One of the most detailed and accurate ways to discover your life purpose is through the divination system of ASTROLOGY.

When you were born here on this planet, you were born in a specific place, month, day, year, and time. Astrology is the science that explains the planetary influences of your birth and how they affect different aspects of your being.


What secrets does astrology unlock in your life?

Spiritual self-awareness gained through astrology unlocks doors to your personality, life path, life purpose, gifts, strengths, expression, and career path, and so much more.


What’s the purpose of your astrological birth chart?

Getting your your astrological birth chart read will completely change your life and unlock many doors to the mysteries inside yourself. Astrology will reveal to you the deepest sides of yourself, seen and unseen.


What does it mean to be ‘self-aware’?

True self-awareness is multilayered, with different levels of realization-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Spiritual self-awareness is the highest form of self-awareness, which is often hidden and/or un-accessed by most people.


“Your willingness to receive self-awareness depends on your ability to be open-minded.” -Soul the Philosopher


Your identity transcends beyond what you, and others around you have told you. Race, ethnicity, culture, gender, and sexual orientation are only a small part of your true identity.

The fabric of your soul is weaved with different threads of purpose, intention, simplicity, and complexity, which are multidimensional in nature. In order to feel and experience the true colors of your soul, you must transcend all concepts of what you THINK you know, in order to receive true divine knowledge.


What can you achieve by using your astrological birth chart?

By studying and innerstanding your astrological birth chart you can align your life in a way that is more soul-centered and meaningful. Living in alignment with your astrological birth chart allows you to access and express your gifts, strengths, and blessings in a way that is authentic and liberating.


Prerequisites to Spiritual Self-Awareness:

  1. INNERSTANDING that you come from a COSMIC/CELESTIAL/DIVINE origin, which cannot be “thought” of, only “experienced” through higher states of consciousness.
  1. Having an open mind, uninfluenced by doubt and/or skepticism.


How do you discover your life purpose using astrology?

To gain spiritual self awareness one must INNERSTAND that their existence is NOT limited to the PHYSICAL. Higher SELF-AWARENESS comes from HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

Spiritual self-awareness is the most effective kind of self-awareness, because it comes from an infinitely intelligent, aware, and energetic source.

Here are a few great websites where you can access your FREE astrological birth chart. All of these websites I’ve personally used, and approve of. Happy Soul Searching!

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How To Benefit From Astrological Birth Charts:

  1. Read your chart carefully
  2. See if the report confirms a particular aspect of yourself. If not → disregard. If so → take a note of it.
  3. Take notes on important information related to life purpose, career, gifts, strengths, and areas of expression.
  4. Align your life with the aspects of your astrological birth chart that you resonate with and want to embody.



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The #1 Most Powerful Secret To Discovering Your Life Purpose...

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