har - The 5 most “basic b*tch” tattoos

standard The 5 most “basic b*tch” tattoos

har - The 5 most “basic b*tch” tattoos

Tattoos can be really fad-ish, especially if you tend to scroll through pinterest. You’ll see tons of girls with the same silly designs. And the secret is that most tattoo artists hate them! These designs are rarely unique and definitely make you look like a basic….

The 5 most “basic b*tch” tattoosAn Infinity

Whether it’s plain, with a feather, your sisters name, love birds etc. the infinity has become THE basic tattoo. These are usually small and on the wrist, ribs or ankle and plain black. The idea is that by changing whatever the secondary component is it becomes unique, but really, there’s hundreds of other basic girls with the same tattoo.

The 5 most “basic b*tch” tattoosAn Anchor/Arrow/Feather with “meaningful” words

The same rules apply for this one. While it’s supposed to be unique it’s been so overdone (especially “ I refuse to sink”) that it’s lost the concept. While there is good intention with this one, you’re not getting a unique tattoo.

The 5 most “basic b*tch” tattoos
The 5 most “basic b*tch” tattoos

The stars and swirls of the 90s still haven’t gone away. They’re often a first tattoo for someone who can’t really think of anything meaningful but just wants something cute, and small, preferably on her foot, on the side, no the other side, no maybe in the middle, what about on the ankle, can we make it pink?

The 5 most “basic b*tch” tattoosBird Silhouettes

These may or may not be accompanied by one of the above designs or some sort of tosh about “freedom” or “breathe”. They’re pretty done to death now and have reached the stage of the stick figure family on the back of every second car you see.

The 5 most “basic b*tch” tattoos

The Boyfriend Tattoo

Sadly girls are still falling for the old “couples tattoo” idea. This is whatever the fad of the moment is whether it’s king/queen, key/lock, initials, lion/lioness, etc. Even better if there’s a heart somewhere on it! Boyfriends aren’t forever but that tattoo is, until you come back to get it covered in a year after the saddest break up and the new boyfriend (whose name just won’t fit over it) shows up.

The 5 most “basic b*tch” tattoos

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