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9bafdf6c662d8f73d63c - The Chair of Death

A man hangs by the neck, misfortunes and legends… and it’s all about the story of Busby’s Cursed Chair.

The Chair of Death was the favorite chair of Thomas Busby, who was convicted in 1702 for the murder of his father-in-law. Here’s the story!

The story begins in 1972 when Busby falls in love with a young lady. He loves that girl very much and decides to marry her. But the  main problem is that her father does not approve that relationship. One day they began to argue. During that fight, the lady’s father was sitting in Busby’s favorite chair. Busby was full of rage and little drunk. He murdered him and was eventually sentenced to death. Before Busby was executed he sentenced anybody to death if they sat in his favorite chair. He said. “May sudden death come to anyone who dare sit in my chair”.

Was it really cursed?

The Chair of Death

Who knows! If you believe the legends then it really is. Death, injury and even reports of being thrown from the chair…

It is said many people who have dared to sit in the chair have died very soon after so the landlord donated it to the Thirsk Museum. Some workers were working in the museum, soon one of them wanted to have a rest. So he sat in the chair for some time. Later his dead body was found. Because of that, it was decided that the chair should have been hung from the ceiling in order not to use it for any purpose.

Friends often dare friends to sit in the chair although very few usually did it. Very few that were brave enough to take the dare all met untimely ends.

It is the most famous piece on display at the Thirsk Museum. Sometimes visitors ask if they can sit in the chair but it is never taken down.

So? Would you dare to sit in the Chair of Death?

The Chair of Death

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