standard The Cult of Christmas

Holiday season is upon us, which means that there are many different celebrations going on. Christmas has become a cult of it’s own thanks to commercialism and there are many iconic symbols of Christmas that inspire this cult following. The cult following that Christmas has appeals to all ages, with many people feeling nostalgic over their Christmas memories year round.

The Tree

The Christmas tree is credited with many origins. The fir tree itself is thought to come from Germany and it wasn’t until the 19th Century that it became a Christmas icon. It’s thought that the tree has Pagan or Summerian origins where trees were connected to new life, and to celebration of life in winter – a traditionally barren time.


Saint Nick, Santa, Father Christmas, there are many different names for the same figure. Traditionally this jolly fellow hands out presents to people who have been good. The truth is that the figure of Saint Nicholas is very much a charitable man. He gave gifts and presents to the needy during the winter when their difficulties were greatest. The fact that he gave gifts around Christmas time is simply coincidence.

As a side note – some Satanist blogs actually see the figure of Santa as a gay male or a trans-gender female since the term “Santa” is Spanish for female Saint. This is also much more in keeping with the Babylonian interpretation of the time of year.

Red & Green

These might seem obvious – red robins, green trees, etc etc. But the real reason that these colors have symbolism for Christmas is mostly linked to Christian traditions. The red holly berries stand in for the blood of Christ. The Romans would give green branches as gifts during Saturnalia (also held at the same time). White also appears not because of snow but because of communion wafers received at Christmas mass.

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