drag - The Demons in Us: Rahu and Ketu

standard The Demons in Us: Rahu and Ketu

drag - The Demons in Us: Rahu and Ketu

Simply put Rahu or the North Node of the Moon and Ketu or the South Node of the Moon are calculative points where the paths of Sun and Moon intersect. And therefore, they are always in opposition with one another. These are also the points where the solar or lunar eclipses will take place throughout the year.

The Demons in Us: Rahu and Ketu

In mythological sense in the western world of astrology Rahu is known as the Dragon’s head, while Ketu is called the Dragon’s tail. Vedic astrology consider them as the Demon’s head and body, because once upon the time this creature was a very powerful demon who threatened the whole universe and who’s head had to be cut.

Psychologically, those two points are usually described as the line of the greatest development in our lives, but the truth to be said, this “development” is accompanied with hard events, frustration and pain. The Demons in us. You could have the perfect natal chart, but those two houses occupied by Rahu and Ketu will always be problematic for you without any doubt.

If Rahu and Ketu are placed in the first and seventh house of the chart, the person won’t be quite satisfied with him/herself and at the same time with the partner. Either the marriage won’t be possible or won’t satisfy the person’s intimate and emotional needs in the proper way. The second – eight house axes points to the constant problems and turnarounds when it comes to financial issues and also, food intake. Today passionate vegan, tomorrow carnivore, this is the common thing with this placement.

The Demons in Us: Rahu and Ketu

If those two points are placed in the third and ninth house, than the person has many issues with communication, siblings and at the same time with the higher education and spirituality. It’s the common belief that people with Rahu in ninth house know and are able to practice black magic. On the other hand, Moon Nodes positioned in the fourth and tenth house can indicate that the black magic is practiced on them or there is some sort of the curse related to mother or father of this particular person. At the same time, this also means problems in home or with the mother and many obstacles in career.

Fifth and eleventh houses affected by Moon Nodes are the sign that the person will have some challenges when it comes to children, friends and plans for the future. Generally, this means that the person will have the great desire to have the children, but at the same time he/she will unconsciously do everything not to get those children. And the same applies for friends or planning.

The only exception of the general rule about the negative influence of those two points in the natal charts is their placement in sixth/twelfth house axes. This is the natural order of things, if we can say this, and especially Rahu positioned in the sixth house describes the clever mind and even healing abilities, while Ketu in the twelfth leads to complete freedom through spiritual techniques.

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The Demons in Us: Rahu and Ketu

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