Frozen 2 Gives Us A New Adventure!

The sequel to one of Disney’s biggest successes reveals its teaser and marks the return of the entire fan favorite cast, as well as a brand new adventure.

Disney’s Frozen released in 2013 and became an instant classic among kids, parents and all kinds of international audiences. The movie became an automatic success and to this day continues to be one of the most favorite Disney movies in the modern day. While some Frozen themed shorts have been released, nothing has been more anticipated than the actual feature-length sequel to the amazing movie. 

Frozen featured a story that focused on the relationship between two sisters; one with powers and the other without. The story had a very simplistic premise of how to come to terms with one’s true self, and also about how to love yourself how others love you back. Frozen was also unique for its incredibly progressive depiction that showcased the sibling story a lot more than any relationship with a man. For Disney movies featuring Disney princesses, this was a big deal.

Frozen 2 Gives Us A New Adventure!

Most older classic Disney films have been heavily criticized in the modern day as being incredibly sexist and conforming to traditional gender constraints of a regressive time. Most Disney princesses needing a man to save them has even been the butt of a joke in another recent Disney sequel, Week It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet. 

The recently released teaser of Frozen 2 sees our favorite characters on a new journey, and quite possibly a rescue mission. The teaser begins with Elsa seemingly trying to get off of an Island, that is quite a departure from the snowy mountains that we last saw her seek refuge in. With her ice powers on full display, we only see her fail to get over the giant waves marooning her. The rest of the teaser features out of context scenes that seem like everyone is gearing up to go somewhere, for some reason. The full trailer should reveal more of the story in the future.  

Frozen 2 features the return of the writing and directing duo Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. This gives fans and audiences hope that the sequel will adhere to the same standards of storytelling and depiction of women as the first film. Most importantly, keeping the film infused with the same level of humor, heart and musical sensibilities that Frozen has become iconic for. 

Along with the behind the scenes, all the stars of the first time are all set to return. And joining Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, and Josh Gad are Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown in Frozen 2. While we still don’t know what new characters they’re voicing, the teaser does show some new characters in its brief glimpse. 

While the teaser focuses heavily on the adventure aspects of the new movie, I’m hoping that there is a lot of humor and songs in this one as well. Olaf’s presence guarantees the former, while the new movie has a lot of work to do to create new songs that will have the shelf life of its predecessor. 

Frozen 2 is slated to be released in the Fall of 2019. 

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Frozen 2 Gives Us A New Adventure!

Frozen 2 Gives Us A New Adventure!527total visits,2visits today