01greek - The Golden Touch of King Midas

standard The Golden Touch of King Midas

01greek - The Golden Touch of King Midas

Have you ever heard about King Midas? The legendary king used to turn everything he touched to gold?

Midas was a great king who ruled Phrygia in Asia Minor. He lived a luxurious life and had everything he could wish for which he shared on with his beautiful daughter. Despite being extremely rich, Midas thought that only gold was capable of offering him a lasting happiness.
The Golden Touch of King Midas

He spent most of his time counting his golden coins, and at times he would cover his body with the golden items as if he wanted to shower in them.  He was obsessed with money!

There is a day the god of wine and revelry, Dionysus passed through the Midas Kingdom. Silenus, one of his companions delayed along the way. Feeling tired, Silenus decided to have some rest in the famous rose garden which surrounded King Midas palace. However, Silenus was found by the king who immediately took him to the castle. After a few days, King Midas took him back to Dionysus who was very grateful to Midas promising him anything he wished for. After thinking for a while, King Midas replied, “I hope that anything I touch turns to gold.”  Dionysus after that promised the king that anything he will touch from the following day would turn into gold.

Midas was incredibly excited the next day when anything he touched turned to gold. However, he sensed fear when the grape he ate turned gold same to the slice of bread and glass of water. His eyes were filled with tears! Immediately his beautiful daughter entered the room, he hugged her and quickly turned to a golden statue! After that, he raised his arms praying to Dionysus to take away the curse.

The Golden Touch of King Midas

Fortunately, Dionysus heard Midas’ prayer and ordered him to wash his hands at river Pactolus which Midas did. He was surprised to see gold flowing from his hands. On returning home, he found that everything he had touched had reverted to normal and he hugged his daughter felt with joy and happiness.

From that day onwards Midas became a better person and shared all his fortune with his people. He was deeply mourned by his people when he died.


The Golden Touch of King Midas

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