jupi - Astrology: The Planet Jupiter, a True Guru in the Heavens

standard Astrology: The Planet Jupiter, a True Guru in the Heavens

jupi - Astrology: The Planet Jupiter, a True Guru in the Heavens

This article is about the transit of the planet Jupiter in Sagittarius, which will last for one whole year…

Traditionally, the planet Jupiter had always been considered as the great benefic or protector of our lives. And in an astronomical sense, this is absolutely true, because Jupiter as a huge celestial body with numerous satellites, acts as a small star system inside our main Solar system, and in this way protects our planet from many big meteorites. In astrology, this planet brings blessings and expansion wherever it is placed on chart and its main role is to guide our souls toward higher knowledge and better understanding of spiritual world. This planet alone doesn’t guarantee material success, but it can enhance it significantly through some beneficial aspects with other planets in the natal chart. On the negative side, Jupiter is all about expansion, so this planet is not so good regarding acute diseases, especially cancer.

Astrology: The Planet Jupiter, a True Guru in the Heavens

Astrological Forecast: The Planet Jupiter, a True Guru in the Heavens

Jupiter placed in the sign of Aries or in the first house of horoscope describes the true optimist, someone acting like an army priest, group sports and joy of winning. In the sign of Taurus or in the second house shows that the native will be prone to material possessions, especially physical properties of a great value and this person will also lead very easygoing life. On a contrary, in the sign of Gemini or placed in the third house this planet will show a someone with the strong entrepreneurial skills or a higher person than the average, which will, in many cases, be the special gift from heavens related to certain sports like basketball, volleyball or swimming. In the sign of Cancer or in the fourth house of a natal chart, planet Jupiter exalts, because the true knowledge should be gained in the home and the whole family of this native will be protected from serious problems and poverty.

Astrology: The Planet Jupiter, a True Guru in the Heavens

Jupiter in the sign of Leo or in the fifth house describes courageous person, even vain in some cases, and also the blessings coming through children or creative ideas. In the sixth house or in the sign of Virgo, Jupiter represents good health, nice and tidy habits and good job position. While in the sign of Libra or in the seventh house of the chart, the same planet loves beauty and esthetics in everything and receives public admiration. Scorpio Jupiter or the same planet placed in the eight house of the horoscope will bring the native big inheritance, material gains through marriage, good luck in risky situations and even some sort of specialized occult knowledge.

Sagittarius is the diurnal home for the planet Jupiter and the same goes for the ninth house in the chart. This planet enjoys expanding knowledge here, traveling to distant places and doing all sorts of royal sports like horse riding, archery or hunting. The sign of Capricorn or a tenth house of the horoscope is not such a comfortable position for this planet, because the health might be affected, but on the other side, career could turn out to be extremely successful if it’s related to teachings, foreigners or religion. In the sign of Aquarius or in the eleventh house, Jupiter can bring extremely influential or powerful friends and innovative ideas. And in the sign of Pisces or in the twelfth house this planet is in its nocturnal house, which means that it gains extreme strength when it comes to genuine ideas related to religion and science, and also when it comes to working in overseas countries, hospitals or monasteries.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius – The Mind Expansion

Starting from the 9th of November 2018 all the way until the 3rd December 2019, the planet of luck and expansion will be in its own sign Sagittarius. As you probably remember, this planet brought us the truth about many “dirty” deals, crimes and especially sexual assaults during its transit through the sign of Scorpio. Many secrets were revealed after a long time and we all had to face the reality in one way or the other.

The good news is that the next, almost whole, year will look completely different. On the positive side, this planet will bring expansion related to science, spirituality, traveling, and connecting with people all over the world through the business deals or matters of the heart and soul. Fiery signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will feel this transit as a breath of a fresh air, and for many of them this will be the corner stone for the new beginnings in love, creative activities and getting children. Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, will get the support when it comes to communication, networking, investing into future and partnerships. While the earth signs will deal with increased responsibility in the career field and during the daily activities. Water signs will have to take care of their health and dealing with the authority figures. But in the general terms, Jupiter in its own kingdom will be felt as the long awaited blessing.

This might also look too good to be true around the larger part of the month of January 2019, when the planet of love and pleasure will be joining this wise old man, but at the same time creating beneficial aspects with the North Node of the Moon, Rahu on one, and with the action oriented Mars, on the other side. Things will move rapidly and you can expect some brilliant ideas, romances or simply business deals to happen at that particular time frame.

However, there is the negative side of this, let’s say, major celestial transit, because Jupiter, together with Sun, will make the highly tense aspect with the planets Mars and Neptune, placed in the sign of Pisces, during the month of December 2018. This can indicate some airplane crashes, but it will surely show some major religious types of clashes, for instance the war inside the high establishment of a certain religious organization, possible terrorist attacks organized by some religious sects and similar events. So be careful throughout the whole December of this year and don’t fall into trap even to start the discussion which deals with religious or spiritual issues, because it will lead to confrontation.

At the same time, take care about your liver, try to practice some sports in the open space, because planet Jupiter is the protector of those activities and take care about your nutrition, because storing the fat might be the serious issue for many of us.


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Astrology: The Planet Jupiter, a True Guru in the Heavens


Astrology: The Planet Jupiter, a True Guru in the Heavens

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