the satanic mass - The Satanic Mass By Anton LaVey

standard The Satanic Mass By Anton LaVey

the satanic mass - The Satanic Mass By Anton LaVey

Anton Szandor LaVey, The Founder Of The Church Of Satan & The High Priest at Black Masses, facilitated an event or a ritual known as The Satanic Mass which was recorded in 1967 at The Church Of Satan in San Francisco then later released in 1968 as a vinyl LP by LaVey’s own label called Murgenstrumm. The Satanic Mass was then re-released on June 21st, 1995 by Amarillo Records.

The Satanic Mass is made up of 8 tracks with a total combined length of 49 minutes and 44 seconds. The Satanic Mass begins with the mass itself then is followed by different sections of The Satanic Bible and ends with The Hymn Of The Satanic Empire or The Battle Hymn Of The Apocalypse.

Also included in The Satanic Mass is a recording of the baptism of Anton LaVey’s daughter Zeena and excerpts from The Satanic Bible which was recited by LaVey himself over the music of Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Wagner & John Philip Sousa.

The Satanic Mass By Anton LaVey

Catholic Satanic Ritual

Anton LaVey starts out The Satanic Mass with the Latin phrase “In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi,” which means “In the name of our God, Satan Lucifer of the Most High.” This phrase is commonly used in Black Masses and one of the most important phrases in the history of The Coven & The Church Of Satan aside from “Rege Satanas” & “Ave Satanas,” which, incidentally, are also the only three Latin phrases which appeared in The Church Of Satan’s 1968 recording, “The Satanic Mass.” These phrases signify the calling out of Satan’s name and inviting him into The Black Mass.

Prayers, invocations, and readings were then recited by High Priest Anton LaVey. The Satanic Mass would then end by Anton LaVey reciting out the final prayers and readings in the form of a song which was accompanied by a marching band. This signifies the overall events and experience of what just transpired in The Satanic Mass as well as The Satanists asking some guidance and wisdom from Satan as they venture into their everyday lives.

In 2014, A Black Mass was held in public at The Oklahoma City Civic Center by The Dakhma Of Angra Mainyu. The proceedings saw significant backlash in the form of protesters such as John Ritchie, The Director Of TFP Student Action. The proceedings were also condemned by Archbishop Paul Coakley in a public statement. The Dakhma Of Angra Mainyu held another Black Mass in 2016 at the same location.

This just tells us and shows us that until this day there are still people who believe in The Higher Power Of Evil and everything it and Satan represents. For people who believe in God, they say that Satan and everything he represents is Evil. On the other hand, for people who believe in The Devil, they say that Satan or Lucifer is the being that represents hope and will triumph over God.

Everything that is written on The Satanic Bible just contradicts everything that Christians and Catholics believe in. What Christians and Catholics say about God and Satan is completely written in an opposite and contradicting way in The Satanic Bible so whatever the belief of a certain person is we must respect that, not judge it and just continue on with our lives.

For those who are interested in listening to The Satanic Mass, it is available in iTunes and Spotify. Just search for The Satanic Mass by Anton LaVey or click here.

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The Satanic Mass By Anton LaVey

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