standard The Stigma of the Pole

Step into any party conversation about pole dancers and you’ll inevitably hear the words; stripper, naked, and maybe even stuff like drugs, money and disease. When the vast majority of the public thinks of a pole and a woman dancing around it, those are the issues that first come to mind. Visions of a gentleman’s club somewhere, recently visited. Topless, tanned beauties with sparkling rhinestone chains draping their naughty parts.

The thing is, that isn’t the case anymore. Not entirely, and things are changing even more.

Women and men all over the world are taking part in the established trend of pole fitness. The strength, coordination and stamina required to pull off the pole dancing routines in the World Pole Fitness competitions is more than many professional athletes can pull off without additional training. It’s hard. No joke. These men and women mean business and they are tired of the stripper jokes.

It isn’t just these professional athletes who are getting miffed at the stigma but regular people as well. Pole fitness classes exist all over the nation. Regular men and women of every ilk sign up to learn cool flips, twists and spins that translate into fat burning, muscle building happiness. Many believe it isn’t the stigma of the pole, but of the women who act outside of the public’s socially acceptable view of behavior.

While the moves and costumes can be sexy and glamorous, so can gymnastics, ballroom dancing and the Circe de Solei – none of which carries the same trashy, drug-riddled stigma as pole dancing. So bad is this stigma, some people won’t even try it despite its obvious health benefits. Be that as it may, between the rising amount of soccer moms spinning their weekend crab cakes off and the bourgeoning popularity of pole as a recognized sport, pole dancing is not just for strippers.


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