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la llarona - The story behind “The curse of La Llorona”

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After the success of the movie “The Nun”, The Conjuring Universe has another premiere of a horror movie called “The curse of La Llorona” coming on April 19, 2019, directed by Michael Chaves.

But not everyone knows the interesting and mystic story behind this movie.

La Llorona or the weeping woman is a Latin American folklore. The legend says that there lived a young and very beautiful woman named Maria. She was poor and was famous for her beauty. She married a wealthy nobleman that was charmed by her beauty and she was in love with him too. But the family of this nobleman didn’t accept Maria so they had to leave. The wealthy nobleman built a small house for them. Soon she gave birth to 2 boys. She was jealous of her boys as they were getting more attention of her husband than her. So Maria got angry, took her sons to a river and drowned them in a blind rage. She realized what she had done but couldn’t find them as the river had already carried them away.

Later she was found dead. Challenged at the gates of heaven for the whereabouts of her sons, she wasn’t permitted to enter afterlife until she finds them.

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She scrapes the bottom of the rivers and lakes searching for her sons…

If you hear her cries it could bring misfortune or even death.

So are you ready for this horror movie? The trailer is already out and it will hit the cinemas on April 19, 2019.

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