standard The Witch movie review


Before I start writing about the film I would like to state the fact that this is the first movie made by Robert Eggers. As you read the article, please have this in your mind.

When I first watched this movie I did not go to bed afterward, it was genuinely frightening. The morning after I decided to revisit it, and I did that a few times more. At this point, I can say that this is a masterpiece without a doubt. It made horror as a genre worthwhile again considering that many latest releases in the horror movie industry just went with hyperproduction. It is a classic done in a modern way, and I believe it is yet to be established as a cult movie in its genre (or even wider).

Every aspect of this movie is done just the way it ought to be. The cast did its job perfectly, Anya Taylor-Joy flawlessly portrayed the character of Thomasin, a young girl left broken and desperate by her family which eventually formed her decision making at the end of the movie. Rest of the cast also did a great job, and young Harvey Scrimshaw (Caleb) had some really notable performances. Imagery is very scenic and the world is portrayed with very bland colors which coincide with suffocating atmosphere. Day and night scenes are juxtaposed in a very great way. In the daytime everything feels so heavy and overwhelming, characters are having forced dialogs and everyone is unsettled; it feels like everything is going to burst at some point. On the other hand, when the night comes that heavy atmosphere disappears, the masks wear off and “truth” (in lack of better word) comes to the front, suddenly the story becomes pretty straightforward.

The story is a work of art for itself. The script was written by Robert Eggers himself and it’s based on a New-England folktale. It is very well structured and use of the archaic language just makes the movie more authentic. Although the plot is rather predictable, it does not hurt the movie at all, it is still full of suspense and tension due to great editing and well-shot scenes. One thing that really stands out here is the score, it amplifies every good characteristic of the movie has, even the absence of music is placed right where it can bring the best of the film.

If I would to continue to write about this movie it would inevitably lead to one of two things. I would either make this review ten pages long or I would spoil it for you, or both. I’ll leave you to be with the hope that this text made you take a look at the film, as it is really a modern classic and it brings innovation to the genre. Robert Eggers could not wish for a better debut as a director and as a screenwriter, he made no mistake and he made a masterpiece which is yet to be regarded as a milestone in the horror movie industry.

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