Things you Never knew about Satanism

For many people just the word “Satan” conjures up dark images and mystical bad behavior. The fact is Satanism today is a recognized religion, one that is greatly misunderstood. Defining Satanism and devil worship can be tough thanks to all the preconceived notions people have. Here’s a few things you never knew about this misunderstood religion.

satan 300x210 - Things you Never knew about SatanismSatanism is Non Violent

For a religion based supposedly on blood – Satanists believe that individuals should focus on self, except in the case of revenge. The Satanic Bible says that you should “bother no one” but if they decide to bother you “destroy him”.

Freedom of Religion

Under the same principal, Satanists believe that extends to religious freedom. A recent case including the Oklahoma federal court house and a Satanist statue was merely an illustrative principal that very rarely does freedom of religion mean that in the US unless it’s biased towards Christianity.

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The Catholic Church Created Satanism

Until the 15th Century the concept of worshiping Satan was more hoodoo and gossip, based on claims of witchcraft, rather than a concept of an actual religion. In the 15th Century the Catholic Church claimed that secret groups were actively worshiping Satan in a mockery of the Catholic ways. While this was likely untrue, many died in witch hunts searching out these evil people who were responsible for ludicrous curses like souring milk and stillbirths.

Satanism itself is a new religion that was organized as recently as the 1930’s and 40’s but the Church of Satan wasn’t incorporated until the late 1960s.

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Luciferian and Satanism are different Religions

Just like Christianity has a wide range of sects, so too does Satanism. Luciferianism is a spin off of Satanism that believes that existence itself is more important than enlightenment. To Luciferians the angel Lucifer and Satan are not the same figure at all. For Satanists, Lucifer is an ideal individual to be aped. There are also Theistic Satanists and Atheistic Satanists.

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