Thoughts on Slipknot’s Unsainted

Slipknot has been in the music industry for over 20 years now and I have been a huge fan of theirs ever since their first album. Before I get into my take on Slipknot’s new single called Unsainted from their latest album known as We Are Not Your Kind, let me talk a little bit about the band’s history. Many may or may not know this but their self-titled album which was released in 1999 was not their first-ever album as they had an album called Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat. and it was Slipknot’s only self-released album.

This album was originally released on October 31st, 1996 and was only limited to a production of 980 copies. This album was also the band’s only release with original Lead Vocalist Anders Colsefni. Slipknot originally self-distributed some of the 980 copies but went on to release the remaining 386 copies through Ismist Recordings in 1997. The album has a total of 8 tracks with a total length of 51:03. Despite Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat. technically being their first album, Slipknot now considers it as a demo and have evolved & released a majority of its songs on future album releases.

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Slipknot had a second album named Crowz and it finished production on October 31st, 1997, one year after their first album was released but this album was never officially released. The album has a total of 11 tracks with a total length of 33:62. This was when Corey Taylor was brought in as The Lead Vocalist as the band sought a more melodic vocal for their music. Taylor was recruited from the band known as Stone Sour and Colsefni was moved to backing vocals and percussion.

Slipknot then released their self-titled debut studio album on June 29th, 1999. The album peaked at number 51 on The Billboard 200 and has gone on to become a certified double platinum album in The United States, making it the band’s best-selling album. In 2011, it was voted the best debut album of the last 25 years by readers of Metal Hammer Magazine.

Thoughts on Slipknot's Unsainted

Going back to Slipknot’s new single called Unsainted from their latest studio album known as We Are Not Your Kind, it has different meanings for different individuals but for me, the song is based on Corey Taylor’s battle with severe depression as well as his personal demons with his religious beliefs.


The first few lines of the song that goes “I’ll never kill myself to save my soul, I was gone, but how was I to know?, I didn’t come this far to sink so low, I’m finally holding on to letting go” for me means that Corey Taylor will never go back to substance abuse or the other dark shit that he used to put himself through in order to fight depression and that he has finally found a way to let go of his dark past in which he contemplated suicide due to his depression that he won’t repeat his mistakes.

The next lines in the song which reads “I’m just weathering a rough patch, Another villain with an itch to scratch, Denial is the darkest when you live in a hole, Why does the hell make you feel so cold?, Make a move and you pay for it, Pick a lord and you pray to it, You’re so demanding when you want the truth, But your stories don’t read for me” for me means that Corey Taylor is just finishing up with a single dark chapter from his past but it seems to be catching up with him especially if he doesn’t fight it head on. It also means to me that his decisions in fighting this dark past could cost him somehow but he needs to fight this alone as he doesn’t see a remedy or a solution from believing or trusting in others especially God.

The next lines in the song which reads “Indecision overload, Keep a buckle on the devil and your eyes on the road, Reaching out for the hand of God, But did you think you’d shake your own?, This killing field is all grown over, The motherfucker wants it wild, Go sow your oats in alphabetical order, The anti-antagonist is back in style, Myopic, cannot see straight, Dystopic, one sin too late, You gotta lie if you wanna believe, But your bibles don’t work on me” for me means that Corey Taylor wasn’t able to make a decision quickly when he was faced with his dark past which is why he lived his life the way he did and he tried to reach out to God but the evil within him seemed to overcome what little good he had inside. This also means to me that Taylor’s life has been a crazy roller coaster ride as he has committed one too many wrong doings in his life and that he has been feeling too oppressed and too depressed in his life that he doesn’t see a single thing in which he could feel even an ounce of solitude even with a bible.

Thoughts on Slipknot's Unsainted

The next lines in the song which reads “Did you think you could win? And fill me in?, Did you think you could do it again? I’m not your sin, I was all that you wanted and more, but you didn’t want me, I was more than you thought I could be, So I’m setting you free, I’m setting you free” for me means that the drugs that Corey Taylor used in his life to battle depression consumed him once in his life but never completely took over him as when he found the reason to fight and the reason to continue on in his life, he completely let it go.

The last lines in the song which reads “You’ve killed the saint in me, How dare you martyr me?” for me means that whatever goodness Corey Taylor had within him is now completely gone and why must he suffer for what he believes in as it is the only thing that is keeping him alive or pushing him to live his life every day. Everyone fights their demons and their depressions in their own way and it seems that the way Corey fought his depression worked as he was able to express his feelings and his emotions in this very emotional and intense song.

Is your take the same?

Thoughts on Slipknot's Unsainted

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