standard Why you Should Tip your Tattoo Artist

Tattoos are art, your artist is creating something for you that’s going to be forever. While tattoos can be expensive it’s often hard to know whether you’re supposed to tip the artist or not. The short answer? YES.

Tattoos are expensive because they take a certain amount of experience to do well, equipment costs money, and so do sterilization procedures to keep you safe. While you might already think that’s more than enough the truth is most of that money doesn’t go to your artist.

Tattoos Cost Artists Money
Out of every $100 a well paid artist might make $80-the cost of supplies, a poorly paid artist might make $30-cost of supplies. If your tattoo took an hour that still seems like a lot of money, but what if that was the only tattoo they did that day or even that week. Would you still think it was a “well-paid” job if you got $80 for a weeks work and still had to pay taxes from that money?

They did a Good Job
The reason you should tip your artist isn’t to do with how much they make, its to do with how good a job they did.
Tipping is a sign that you are happy, that you enjoy your experience and that you appreciate that not only did they take the time to draw you a lovely piece, they put it on you meticulously.

You’re Happy
Often people don’t show that they like the tattoo well when it’s finished. It’s understandable, you’re in pain and you’re just happy it’s done. Your artist wants to know you are happy and think they did a good job so a tip is a good way to let them know and say thank you.

How Much?
Tipping is pretty arbitrary, you tip what you feel is appropriate just like a restaurant – 10-50% depending on the cost and “wow” of your tattoo.

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