Top Cult Christmas Movies

Christmas is almost upon us, and that means everyone is breaking out the tinsel and warming up the cocoa. Christmas movies are almost as big a part of Christmas as the tree. Whether you’re looking for something to curl up with your sweetie or just to amuse the kids, there are great movies that people love to watch year after year.


Yes, this is a Christmas movie. The little critters destroy Christmas and hilariously so. The Mogwai appeal to all ages and it’s good clean fun.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Again, another Christmas favorite that appeals to all kids and adults alike. The movie follows a macabre Halloween town who attempt to save Christmas. There’s many different versions to choose from as well including 3D and RealD.


This might be a little dated, but when it came out it was a huge hit. A modern (albeit 1980s) take on the Scrooge story. If you like the classic Charles Dickins tale then this is a good way to enjoy it without having to watch period drama.

Die Hard

The debate about whether this is or is not a Christmas tale continues year after year. Many people say that it’s not Christmas until they see this movie. If you’re a fan of action rather than cheesy Christmas smaltz this is probably a better choice for you.

Bad Santa

The anti-Christmas movie. It’s a classic “bah humbug” movie where a thief tries to steal Christmas and ends up doing a good deed instead. The idea that a man so unsuited to be a hero ends up becoming one is classic. Not to mention it’s full of foul language, dirty humor, and Billy Bob Thornton.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Horror movie buffs will love this 1970s take on a Christmas slasher movie. It’s typical of the 70’s slasher genre with lots of fake blood, creepy music, heartwarming orphans and a killer Santa.

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