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When you love cult horror, you’re never at a loss for something to watch. The genre is full of some of the greatest cinematic masterpieces to ever flash across the silver screen. Even if you don’t love horror movies, you are bound to have heard of the most popular of the genre. If you do love horror, below you will find the five best cult classic horror movies you have never heard of. Don’t expect a Chucky or Evil Dead on this list. These are known by only hardcore horror hounds.

Top Five Lesser Known Horror Cult Classics of All time

Basket Case 1982

Written and directed by Frank Henenlotter, this film tells the story of a sad man who has turned bitter at the loss of his conjoined twin brother. The unwanted surgery is a life-long issue for poor Duane and his only solace is taking his revenge out on those who un-joined them, causing him to carry his deformed monster of a brother around in a basket as he carries out his deranged deeds. Watch Trailer:

Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things 1972

An acting troupe heads out on a remote island to perform a faux satanic ritual with a dead body they dig up from the local graveyard. Unfortunately for them, it works. Before you can say Hail Satan!, the whole island is full of flesh eating monsters and a battle for survival ensues. Directed by Bob Clark, this classic is still watched at late night horror festivals all over the country. Watch Trailer:

Martin 1978

George Romero wrote and directed this film which he has often said is his favorite. The main character, Martin, is a handsome young man with a powerful bloodlust. He goes to live with his Catholic uncle after his parents die. His uncle disapproves of his hobby of raping and draining the area women and threatens to kill him. This movie has some racy sex scenes in it and was banned in the UK. Watch Trailer:

Carnival of Souls 1962

Mary is out having a good time with her friends, riding around and giggling away, when they accept a drag race with a group of boys. At first, we think they drown, but Mary appears quite well a few moments later as she rises from the river. None the worse for the wear, she takes a job as a church organist in a new town. Soon, however, she finds herself tormented by a mysterious, shrouded figure. That is where all the spooks come in, as she tries to find out who he is and what’s going on. Watch Trailer:

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer 1986

Based on the horrific murders of Henry Lee Lucas and Otis Toole, this movie was directed by John McNaughton. This movie is not only a cult horror classic but very disturbing on an emotional level. Michael Rooker, of Walking Dead fame most recently, plays Henry in a way that makes viewers skin crawl because you know it’s real. Henry’s detached way of choosing victims was only part of the reason these murder depictions have been called some of the most graphic on film. Watch Trailer:

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Top Five Lesser Known Horror Cult Classics of All time

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