standard Total Solar Eclipse – Summer 2019

five - Total Solar Eclipse – Summer 2019

Total Solar Eclipse – Summer 2019

The total solar eclipse will take place on 2nd July 2019. It will last for about five hours, but the full eclipse will be active for approximately 2 hours 45 minutes. This means that the effects of this eclipse will be felt for almost five years, while the strongest changes will take place in the time frame of almost three years.

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In the terms of western or tropical astrology this eclipse will happen in the sign of Cancer, while the Vedic astrology will operate within the sign of Gemini. Speaking about Vedic astrology, this event will be placed in the Ardra nakshatra, the most dangerous position in the sky, representing the teardrop of god Shiva, the one who is the “destroyer and creator” of this Universe. Solar eclipse will symbolize the beginning of the end or the powerful storm which will influence many people.

In the terms of geography, this eclipse will affect the western parts of South America and the near area of the Pacific Ocean. You can expect some strong earthquakes, possibly tsunami, and surely horrible consequences for living beings in that area of the planet.

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Politically, you have to become aware of some dirty games politicians or business figures will try to play around that time frame. And those games will have extremely negative impact on the lives of the common people. Minor economic crisis is also expected.

For those born with their natal Sun, Moon or rising sign in the sign of Aries, this eclipse will affect their place of residence, motherly figure and also their incomes. Taurus people will feel the strong anger and they should be very careful while traveling or communicating with others.

Gemini will feel this event powerfully through some abrupt changes related to their incomes, legal matters, taxes, inheritances or simply expenses. So, please take care.

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People born in the sign of Cancer, or with their Moon, rising sign or sensitive points in this sign will be affected the most. Their whole world will change, their plans for the future and especially their marital status. This is the time when some dirty secrets related to their partners, in love or in the business sense, will show up. Leos should take care about their health, the spine, teeth or the knees the most. However, it’s also not so safe for them to travel overseas. Virgos will face many changes in their social circles and this will also be the pivotal point for many of them to take their business or romantic relationship on to the next step.

Those who belong to the sign of Libra will feel trapped in their homes or regarding some issues related to the elderly members of the family. At the same time, they can expect exceptionally powerful changes in their careers. Scorpios will be challenged by their financial state and the expectations of their partner to find the better way in life creating multiple streams of incomes and this eclipse will help them immensely to get some brand new ideas. Sagittarius gals and guys will experience terrible awakening when the IRS knocks on their doors, so be careful and check your legal papers and obligations.

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Capricorn people will feel this eclipse like something very valuable is taken away from them, and this “something” can easily be their spouse or their business partner. Besides that, someone will be plotting against you behind your back. Aquarius tribe will be prone to the frequent food poisonings or changes related to their working environment. And lastly, Pisces will be blessed with new and significant love experience or unexpected pregnancy.

This whole year 2019 is under two major astrological aspects and many people would say that those aspects are rather negative ones. First one is the square or a tense aspect between the planet Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius and planet Neptune in Pisces. This one might even seem like a mild force, but the next one is the essence of dark power and it’s shown through the conjunction of the planets Saturn, Pluto and South Node of the Moon, Ketu, in the sign of Capricorn. Read more:

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