standard True Cult Horror Movies – The Lost Boys

If there’s one vampire movie to top all vampire movies it has to The Lost Boys. It’s been just over 30 years since the movie was released and it still holds a cult fascination to many viewers.  Even if you’re not a vampire fan this movie sucks you in and has had a deeply loyal following since its release. It’s one of the good, scary vampire movies which is why it has such a cult following, but there’s still a few things you might not know.

1.Santa Clarita does not exist

The town is entirely make believe, and has also spawned the series “The Santa Clarita Diet”. Most of the movie’s real life locations are in Santa Cruz.

2. The Vampires were supposed to be Younger

The title was aimed at having a much younger set of vampires similar to a vampire version of The Goonies. The idea was the producers but when he hired director Joel Schumacher he had other ideas.

3. Ben Stiller was supposed to be a Lost Boy

He was shortlisted between the two Corey’s and Keifer Sutherland. The director was looking for fresh faces. It hasn’t been authenticated that he did go to an audition with them , but it’s about the right time where he was trying to break into showbiz.

4. The Lost Boys inspired Buffy

The biggest icon in pop cult from the 90’s Buffy was based on the same idea where monsters look like people. Director Joss Whedon admits to having borrowed many ideas from the movie. The look of “Spike” was also crafted after Keifer Sutherland’s character in the movie.

5. The Two Corey’s came from The Lost Boys

This was the first movie where both Corey Felman and Corey Haim worked together. The former child stars both had troubled careers and they had a lifelong friendship until Haim died from pneumonia in 2010.

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