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We have all been there, sitting on the couch, surfing the channels and not being able to find anything interesting to watch. Even with the series that you have never seen before, it feels like you already know how it’s going to end.

There is a lot of TV series that follow the same pattern, which is why I chose the Top Three Series that are breaking all the patterns.

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Sense8 is all about connecting, connecting with yourself and with other people, but it’s even more than that. Eight people that have been reborn and once that happened they were able to enter each other’s lives. Simply imagine eight strangers that never met each other in person and live in different parts of the world and yet their thoughts and actions are connected.

While they’re trying to find out what is happening they’re being hunted by a mysterious organization.

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Orphan Black

Sarah is an English orphan that has -after bouncing around foster homes -been taken by Mrs S, that takes her to North America. Sarah made a lot of bad decisions in her life but did her best to raise her daughter Kira. After Sarah sees a woman that looks exactly like her, commit a suicide, she decides to steal her life. But taking her life also means taking her boyfriend, job and becoming a part of a deadly conspiracy, making Sarah the new target.

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Many people tried to make robots a thing but it just didn’t work, because it wasn’t done the right way. Westworld is a series that moves all the boundaries, everything you believed in will change after you start watching it.

Imagine having a possibility to enter a world where you can do whatever you want, your own wild west. You can fulfil all your wildest fantasies. Westworld is an amusement park intended for the rich people. It is a world where people can do whatever they want and there will be no consequences for them. All the hosts in the park are robots, that are made to look as human as possible.

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